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400 policemen have received Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) & (PPM).

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Update : Wednesday, February 28, 2024

M Iqbal Hossain, chottogram Bureau 

BPM and PPM medals were given to policemen according to the activities from December 1, 2022 to January 10, 2024.

Thursday’s notification also said that 35 policemen will be awarded the Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) in recognition of their immense bravery and heroic deeds. 60 people with ‘President’s Police Medal (PPM). And Bangladesh Police Padak (BPM)-Seba to 95 policemen for their commendable contribution through solving important cases, crime control, efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity and disciplined behaviour. And 210 were awarded ‘President’s Police Medal (PPM)-Seva’.

What is PPM (Property-Service)? Policemen are awarded ‘PPM Bravery’ every year in recognition of acts of bravery and bravery. These medalist members and officials get a one-time allowance of 75 thousand taka and 1500 taka per month.

When asked about the procedure for awarding the award, police headquarters spokesperson Mohammad Inamul Haque Sagar said that the police headquarters first invited applications from various units across the country for heroic and daring acts. After receiving the applications from the concerned units to the police headquarters, the committee consisting of them selects the BPM and PPM medals. Later the Inspector General of Police finalized it and sent it to the Ministry of Home Affairs. From there the list of medals was approved.

Double Mooring Police Station of Chittagong is happy to receive the PPM award for SI Ahlad Ibne Jamil Minhaj of Double Mooring Model Police Station of Chittagong Metropolitan Police.
SI Jamil is now the talk of the net after receiving the “President’s Police Medal (PPM) Bravery” from the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in recognition of his brave, heroic and creative work.

Now SI Jamil too busy with his world, when we try to call his cell-number to know his felling. he did not answer.

The Prime Minister said to the policemen – I will tell the policemen that you serve the people of the country. The main mantra of the police is to suppress evil. So the police force will gain the trust and confidence of the people – that is what we always want.

He said this in the Chief Guest’s speech at the inauguration of the six-day long ‘Police Week-2024’ at Rajarbagh Police Lines.

He also said that today the people of the country can trust the police. So we want you to serve people sincerely.

Last time, the Prime Minister praised the police and said that people’s trust in the police has increased. He said, “We have to protect the freedom gained by the blood of our predecessors with all our might.” I believe that every member of the police force will fulfill their responsibility to protect internal peace and stability as well as democracy through people-friendly policing.

Appreciating the service work of the police, the Prime Minister said, during Corona, the police delivered food to people’s homes, when people left the dead bodies of their relatives, the police buried them.

Note that In 2022, 15 policemen were awarded BPM (Bravery) and 25 PPM (Bravery) in recognition of their immense bravery and gallantry. Besides, 25 persons were awarded BPM (Service) and 50 persons were awarded PPM (Service) for their meritorious contribution in solving important cases, crime control, efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity and disciplined conduct.

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