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Pass card trade of Alamin Enterprises inside Chittagong port

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Update : Monday, February 26, 2024


Many misdemeanors are going on using the security canteen

Reporter: Arafat kader, ctg

A pass card is required to enter through the gate of Chittagong port. which is created through data base entries. And it is mainly provided to certain representatives of licensed establishments engaged in internal port business. And for that benefit, some unscrupulous license holders are making these pass cards with the identity of individuals and organizations not related to the internal trade of the port in exchange for a monthly fee agreement. One such organization is Alamin Enterprises. On inquiry, it was found that Alamin has several licenses for inland trade of Chittagong port. Out of which 1 for security canteen, 3 for vendor, 1 for purchase of scape goods in the name of his wife and daughter with 2 vendor license and at least 7-8 licenses in anonymous name. And in that opportunity, at least 40-50 pass card holders are entering using the license of his organization.
And it takes 4000 rupees to make this pass card once and 5000 rupees to pay rent every month. And that’s why the pass card business is grabbing 4-5 lakh rupees a month. And because of that, the security of Chittagong Port is also under threat.

It has been found that he has been running the canteen for the last 3 years which is located right opposite the security office on the Lagoa port site next to Gate No. 4 of the Chittagong port. And he got involved in various dishonest activities inside the port of Alamin.
Search revealed that the canteen under him also has no lease, only with the verbal permission of the Security Department, the company has been running for years. Although there was no establishment at this place in the beginning, he built the canteen himself by spending about 10 lakh taka.

Talking to Alamin about the canteen, he told the reporter of Morning Glory, “I don’t know anything about this. You talk to the port authority and the director of security. They will tell you how I am managing the canteen.”

Chittagong Port has a total of 18 canteens. According to the rules, all the land under the Chittagong Port is owned by the Estate Department, but no contract or lease of 9 canteens has been given to the Port Authority. Similarly, a canteen owned by Alamin is the Security Canteen adjacent to Gate No. 4. Talking to Muhammad Shihab Uddin, deputy manager of land branch of Chittagong port about the contract of the canteen, he told Morning Glory that this canteen has no lease or contract with the port authorities. He had no idea how it was going or with whom it was under contract. If there is a contract with someone, then he does not know who or who takes this money.

Sources said the canteen has been taken over from the Security Department on the basis of a verbal agreement. When Chittagong Port Security Department Director Mustafa Arifur Rahman Khan was contacted to talk about this issue, he told Morning Glory that this canteen was given to Alamin at a monthly rent of Tk 1 lakh 20 thousand in a verbal agreement. He doesn’t know that he is doing pass card business and various misdemeanors with his other licenses including canteen. He assured the reporter that he will investigate and take action on this matter.

Since 2017, 48 pass card were issued in the name of this security canteen. It is said that a senior official of the ministry recommended Alamin to manage the canteen around 2021. Also this Alamin is involved in various misdemeanors inside Chittagong port. He claims to be a man of Gopalganj. Alamin was once engaged in port hawking. Although he has no education, he is now a contractor in the internal trade of the port by making a license in various techniques. It is because of that that Alamin indulges in various misdeeds. Recently, the company was caught trying to buy about 750 tons of scap by giving wrong information for the purpose of evading the duty of Chittagong Port. Ibrahim & Sons and Alamin Enterprises both are Trying to sell these scraps for Seema Steel & Re-Rolling Mill.

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