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Quader doesn’t even know what uranium is: Fakhrul

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Update : Wednesday, October 11, 2023

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has raised questions about the ruling party General Secretary Obaidul Quader’s intellect saying he does not even know what uranium is.

Addressing Awami League General Secretary’s comments yesterday about “pouring uranium over BNP leaders”, Fakhrul said, “I personally know Obaidul Quader. He is one of the few educated people in Awami League. But I didn’t know he had become so miserable. He doesn’t know what uranium is. It does not require any special knowledge.”

Speaking at a discussion on “Democracy, Sovereignty and Rohingya Crisis: Motivation of Martyr Abrar Fahad” organised by the Gono Odhikar Porishod at the Dhaka Reporters Unit on Tuesday (10 October), Fakhrul said a friend of his told him about Quader’s remarks and requested he wouldn’t protest against it as such remarks tend to bring entertainment for people and make them laugh.

“It’s just that he [Quader] had said something contradictory before. There has been a compromise under the table. For this, it seems his master is angry. That’s why he’s probably giving more speeches than before. That’s all that happens, right? In these parties and governments, flattery goes to such an extent that it turns into a joke.”

Addressing all political parties, Fakhrul said, “The government has turned the country into a paradise for looters. They come, loot, and leave. I don’t want to waste time talking. The only thing now is, without any further delay, let us all—regardless of political affiliation, left, right, north, south, those who love the country—jump in.”

On a different note, Fakhrul urged everyone – regardless of any party affiliation – to join the party’s movement to overthrow the government.

The Awami League does not believe in democracy and people’s power, the BNP leader said, adding, “They [AL] consider the country as their ancestral property. They will enjoy it as they wish. This has destroyed the country.”

“There is only one thing to say now. Without any further discussion, without any delay, let us all jump in – regardless of party affiliation. All those who love the country jump [into the movement].”

Mirza Fakhrul said there is no time to hold meetings [sitting] at home. “Now is the time to take our words out on the streets and raise our voice against this horrible monstrous government and remove it from the national front.”

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