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There is so much development in hilly Chittagong due to the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina – Minister Bir Bahadur

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Update : Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal) & Abu Taleb Sikder

The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) said that the tide of development is flowing in all sectors including education,health communication,electricity in the remote hilly areas of the hill district.The benefits of which are enjoyed by the local public.Due to the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,so much development has been possible across the hilly Chittagong today. Which no previous government could do.

The government is doing a lot of work for the development of common people in the hills.If the Awami League comes back to power,the development of the country will continue in the same way the development of hilly Chittagong will also accelerate. Minister Bir Bahadur said these things while speaking as the chief guest at the local Awami League’s exchange meeting organized by the local Naikhongchari Awami League in Battali area of Shonaichari Union on Wednesday (October 4).

At the time Minister Added,the face of Naikhongchari  will change after the completion of the development works that I have laid the foundation for today.

Earlier,Minister Bir Bahadur laid the foundation stone and inaugurated 19 development works at a cost of Tk 17.66 million in Naikhongchari. Local Government Engineering Directorate (LGED),Bandarban Hill District Council,Hill Chittagong Development Board,Public Health Engineering Directorate are implementing these development works.

Bhdc Member Laxmi pada Das,Upazila Executive Officer Romen Sharma, Senior Assistant Commissioner Arup Ratan Singh,LGED Executive Engineer Md.Ziaul Islam Majumdar,Bhdc Executive Engineer Ziaur Rahman,Development Board Bandarban Unit Executive Engineer Abu Bin Yasir Arafat and local public representatives, local leaders of civil society were present.

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