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Locals suffer; Ruma-Rawangchari road development work stopped

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Update : Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal)

A large number of areas in and around Rowangchari Upazila have been liberated by the Bangladesh Army from the KNF. However, the KNF members escaped from these areas during the army operation, but destroyed several important roads. This has created a new crisis in the management of collective activities of the security forces including the local residents. Such a scene was seen in the field inspection.

The armed terrorists of KNF have removed the soil of various parts of the road from Kaplong Village to Paikkhong Village and made it impassable. The local public is in trouble. Locals living in Kaplong Para and Paikkhong Village say that the only road for our movement should be repaired very quickly. If the road is not repaired, it will be difficult to eliminate the terrorist activities of Kukichin terrorists in the area including Paikkhong Village.

It’s hard to go to school. Even teachers are also refraining from teaching activities in fear of their lives. But the hope is that the armed terrorist forces of the KNF have been cornered in the face of the regular operations of the army. At one time KNF terrorists had a strong position in Khamtang Village, Durnibar Village, Kaplong Village of Rowangchari upazila. But the terrorists are retreating a lot. The cornered group has taken refuge in the forest in and around Kaplong Village and its inaccessible hills.

According to the locals, the situation has improved a lot compared to the last few months. Army check points have been set up along the Rowangchari-Ruma road. The terrorists are in a lot of trouble as the road is kept under strict surveillance. The same situation prevails in Khamtang Village area, which is only three kilometers away from Durnibar Para. According to security forces, the neighborhood was freed from KNF terrorists a few days ago. Meanwhile, the armed terrorist group of KNF did not stop with showing fear to the public.

At the same time, two high-tech excavators destroyed huge parts to disrupt the construction work of the border road, the excavator cut all the wiring in the engine line. However, One hundred Village from KNF terrorists have been freed in the wake of repeated raids by the security forces. If the roads destroyed are not repaired soon, the ongoing work of the border road and the law and order situation may be disturbed, the local community said.

Residents living in these areas said that the residents of the neighborhood are feeling very safe due to the various activities of the security forces including the army’s temporary check post and the strengthening of security patrols.

Due to the improvement of the law and order situation, tourism related people are also hoping to start business.

Rawangchari Sadar UP Chairman Mehla Aung Marma said that the army has brought back much peace compared to before. They are trying hard to maintain peace and order in the area. I request the concerned administration to finish the renovation work of Rowangchari-Ruma road quickly.

In this regard, Zone Commander of Bandarban Army Zone, Lt. Col. Mahmudul Hasan, PSC Said that the security situation in the area is very normal at present. Bangladesh Army is not conducting any special operation in this area at the moment. As part of the normal routine activities of the Bangladesh Army under Operation Uttoron, the security forces are working to ensure the security of the Bandarban-Rowangchari-Ruma road. The local public is expressing satisfaction with the presence of security forces.

In this regard, the responsible source of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board said that the development work of the road has been stopped due to security reasons and heavy rains and floods but work is going on in the Ruma part. The proposed renovation and development work for the road will be started as soon as the allotment is received.

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