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Ripon, a millionaire from Bhangari, is now on remand

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Update : Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Ripon, photo-collected.
Staff Reporter, Habiganj/

The mystery of the activities of Ripon Mia (35), the godfather of the inter-district car theft and fake auction paper ring, has been uncovered. Sadar police station has taken him into remand and started questioning. Before that, he was arrested by RAB with a microbus in Bhairab with a large amount of marijuana, phensidyl and other drugs. Since then his various unknown stories started coming out.
Meanwhile, he is suspected to be involved in the death of Emdad, the office assistant of the Habiganj Information Office.

Investigations revealed that the child is Mia’s son from Ashera Fandrail village of Lukra Union of Ripon Sadar Upazila and belongs to a poor family. The one who once used to bring salt to Punta Furato is now the owner of crores of rupees. Through the opportunity of the Bhangari business, he developed a deep friendship with the officials in charge of the court’s stores. Whoever comes, take him home and invite him to eat and build a relationship. At one point, he fraudulently bought various vehicles from warehouses at low prices and sold them at high prices. Not only that, they also buy and sell different cars fraudulently.

He extorts money from many people by telling them to give away the car from the warehouse. People were outraged by his free roaming around the court. He had an argument with Emdad, the office assistant who was in charge of the information office at that time. Ripon takes Emdad to Bhairab to solve the matter. Originally, Bhairbay was a hideout for Ripon’s contraband. Later, Emdad’s body was found near Bhairav Rail Bridge. The police said that there were injury marks on his body. When there is news about these things, many unknown stories of Ripon come out. A month ago, a team of Dhaka’s counter-terrorism intelligence branch arrested Ripon along with two stolen cars from Ripon’s house. After showing the auction papers, his father was released but Ripon was absconding. After checking the papers in Dhaka, it is found that these are fake auction papers. Police also seized several cars and motorcycles in Habiganj city. These were fake auctions. Which, subject to investigation, proves to be a fraud. After that, on the instructions of senior police officers, SI Kawsar Ahmed Toran of Court Station Outpost filed a fraud case against Ripon and others as defendants. Ripon was then brought from Kishoreganj Jail to Habiganj Jail. After being brought there, SI Abdul Mannan applied to the court to remand Ripon in a fraud case. Court granted 3 days remand. Ripon initially confessed to drug dealing and fraud during intensive interrogation in Sadar police custody from last Monday night. According to the police, Ripon is the godfather of an inter-district gang. There are several drug cases against him including car theft.

SI Mannan said that important information was found in the interrogation. is being verified. The operation to recover the auctioned cars is on.

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