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People have turned away from the government: Fakhrul

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Update : Wednesday, March 15, 2023


BNP standing committee member Dr. Mirza Fakhrul made this comment at the unveiling ceremony of Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain’s book ‘Amar Polithir Roznamcha’.

Mirza Fakhrul said that the people of the country have turned away from the government. The prices of daily commodities have been increased to cut the pockets of the people. By increasing the price of electricity, people’s pockets have been cut. The government is taking loans by emptying reserves, printing money. There is no accountability anywhere. By taking away society, culture, democratic values, the rulers have pushed the country towards extreme destruction.

BNP Secretary General said that the government will be brought down through the movement. There is no alternative. Awami League is stealing not only the national elections but also the votes of the Supreme Court Bar. Their profession is stealing. Awami League is stealing in all sectors. They have always destroyed the spirit of democracy and freedom. Their only goal is theft. Awami League is a pathological thief.

He said, during the Supreme Court bar elections, the ballot boxes were sealed and filled in the night. On the contrary, a case has been filed against 1000 pro-BNP lawyers. Awami League is doing everything to stay in power.

Claiming that BNP is fighting hard against those who do not believe in democracy and freedom, Mirza Fakhrul said that when a dictator’s arrogance increases, the downfall accelerates. The people of the country have turned away from the government. Awami League has to stand on the people’s platform.

Mentioning that 42 percent of the people of the country are below the poverty line, he further said that most of the people of the country cannot eat non-vegetarian food. The success of the government is only on the face. Stay in power by using the state apparatus. The people of the country will bring down the government in the movement.

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