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Public life is suffering due to increase in prices of daily commodities: Basad

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Update : Sunday, March 12, 2023

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Bangladesh Socialist Party-Basad Sylhet district branch held a protest march and rally for the 3-point demands including the formation of an impartial oversight government for the election period, reducing the prices of daily commodities, for fair elections.

On Sunday (March 12) at 5 pm, a protest march left the party office in Ambarkhana and went around the important roads of the city.

Under the chairmanship of Basad Sylhet District Convener Abu Zafar and conducted by District Member Secretary Pranab Jyoti Pal, the rally was attended by Machuma Khanam, Manzoor Ahmad, Mamun Bepari, Zaheed Ahmad, Anwar Hossain Kuti, Nurul Islam, Anwar Hossain, Yusuf Ali, Harun among others. Mia, Mintu Yadav, Yashin Ahmed, Shaheed Mia etc.

Speakers in the rally said that the public life is suffering due to the increase in the price of daily commodities. The price of daily commodities including rice-dal-flour-chickpea-oil is increasing uncontrollably and the price of fuel oil-gas-electricity is increasing along with it. People are struggling to meet the cost of education and treatment. Rent is increasing. Common people are constantly struggling to live their lives. Poverty and unemployment prevail in every house. The government has completely failed to control the prices of daily commodities.

Speakers said that so far 11 National Assembly elections have been held in the country, out of which 7 were under the party government and 4 were under the caretaker government. The 7 elections under the party government were flawed and full of fraud. The 4 elections under the caretaker government were relatively fair.

Speakers in the rally called for mass resistance against corruption-misrule-looting-communal terrorism and fascist rule, introduction of non-partisan supervisory government and numerical proportional election system for fair elections, reduction of prices of daily commodities including electricity-gas-rice-pulses-chickpea-oil.
Speakers called for licensing of battery operated vehicles, end of harassment. Press release

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