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The prices of oil, sugar, gram and onion increased before fasting

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Update : Friday, March 10, 2023

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The prices of edible oil, sugar, chickpeas and onions have been increased again before fasting. Although the supply is sufficient, the prices of these products are being increased step by step since two months ago. Apart from this, the prices of flour and potatoes also increased during the week. Besides, the price of broiler chicken has doubled in a month and is being sold at Tk 250 per kg.

The buyer has to spend extra money to buy these products. This information was learned after visiting Kawran Bazar, Nayabazar and Malibag raw markets of the capital on Thursday and talking to buyers and retailers.

Talking to the sellers, it is known that in the retail market, desi onion is being sold at Tk 40 per kg, which was sold at Tk 35 last week as well. Imported onions are selling at Tk 45 per kg, which was Tk 40 even seven days ago. Seven days ago, sugar was sold at a minimum of Tk 110 per kg, but on Thursday it was being sold at a minimum of Tk 115. Chickpeas are being sold at Tk 90-95 per kg, which was sold at Tk 85-90 seven days ago. Among edible oils, open palm oil was sold at Tk 125 per liter, which was Tk 120 earlier. Besides, open flour is being sold at Tk 58 per kg, which was Tk 55 seven days ago. Packaged flour is being sold at Tk 70 per kg, which was Tk 68 earlier. The price of potato has increased by Tk 2 per kg and is being sold at Tk 22.

Kawran market in the capital to buy daily products. Enamul Haque said that the prices of other products are being increased along with heart products used during fasting for two months. The prices of several other products including chickpeas have been increased yet again. Import of new products

Even if it is not done, the price is being increased. He said that the sellers are selling the products by fixing the price as per their wish. Only consumers are cheated.

When asked, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman said, there is no other way but strict monitoring in the market to give relief to the consumers. All organizations must work together. The trader and the consumer should be brought into a rule. Traders must obey all orders of regulatory bodies. Help to reduce the price of products. The temptation to make high profits should be abandoned. Also, where the buyer needs one day’s products, they should stop buying 10 days’ products together. And if irregularities are seen in the market as a whole, the dishonest should be brought under exemplary punishment immediately.

Manzoor Mohammad Shahriar, director of the National Consumer Rights Protection Agency, a market watchdog, said the sellers have been misled many times. We were in the tolerance phase. Shops do not have price lists during market campaigns. At what price the product is being sold, the seller does not show its receipt even when asked to show it. Again sometimes involved in arguments. Such a thing cannot be allowed to happen again. We want a business-friendly market. There will be competition. However, unreasonable prices cannot be accepted. Now if someone manipulates the price of the product, the shop or business will be closed till Eid.

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