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Bilateral anti-corruption exchange meeting at Srimangal

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Update : Thursday, March 9, 2023


An anti-corruption exchange meeting was held at the initiative of Upazila Anti-Corruption Committee (UPAC), a social organization of anti-corruption government institution Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

On Thursday (March 9) at 11 a.m., an exchange meeting was held with the elected representatives, entrepreneurs, secretaries and local people of upazila No. 5 Kalapur Union.

The Chairman of No. 5 Kalapur Union Parishad chaired the anti-corruption exchange with the slogan “Say No to Corruption”, Md. Abdul Matlib.
DUPRAC member journalist Syed Chayed Ahmed attended the meeting, upazila DUPRAC president senior journalist Syed Nesar Ahmed, vice president A. N. M Wahiduzzaman, Jayashree Chowdhury and Biprak Member Conscious Citizen Committee (SANAK) TIB Srimangal President Dipendra Bhattacharya. UP Secretary Arun Kumar Dutta, Panel Chairman Md. Kadar Ali, Md. participated in the open discussion. Lokman Miah, Hosne Ara Sweety, Member Md. Monir Miah, Md. Abdul Mateen, Md. Abdul Mukit etc.
All UP members, local community leaders, dignitaries of the area and service beneficiaries were present in the exchange meeting.
The speakers said in their speech that they themselves do not commit corruption, they have become public representatives to serve the people. However, they and their relatives complained that they are being subjected to bribery, corruption and harassment while serving in various government offices of the upazila. He called on them to do more work in this regard.

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