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The festival of cutting soil from crop land in Baniachang and Nabiganj

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Update : Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Baniachong and Nabiganj representative/

Land robbers are freely cutting the soil in various unions of Baniachang and Nabiganj upazilas. On the one hand, the environment is under threat, on the other hand, cropland is being destroyed. Despite repeated bans, the administration is unable to suppress them. There is no permission, no lease to cut the soil. However, they are losing ground by managing dishonest tehsildars. Despite the Prime Minister’s ban, cropland cannot be plowed. But regardless of anyone’s words, the festival of cutting the soil is going on.

Allegedly, using excavator machines, bricks were sold in various villages including Kadupur, Haldarpur, Noagaon, Daulatpur, Pukra Union, Sikanderpur, Khagawra Union, Dhuliagattua, Khagawra Union, Gunai, Karcha, Haripur, Haria, Mandarkandi, Shibganj, Purangaon, Kaliyarbhanga Union, Nabiganj Upazila with excavator machines. being Sometimes a nominal two raids are carried out with small fines. But after a few days the situation is the same again. The villagers have demanded to protect the cropland from all these.

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