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Animal resource officer in Habiganj accused of embezzling lakhs of rupees by making fake vouchers

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Update : Monday, February 27, 2023

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Habiganj Sadar Upazila Animal Resources Officer has been accused of misappropriating the allocated money in the name of training farmers. It is known that 486 farmers in 8 unions of Sadar Upazila were allotted 3 lakh 96 thousand 600 taka for 1 day training in February of the current financial year. As per rules 14 (PG) trainings will be held in 8 Unions in a month. Already 6 trainings have been completed with farmers of different unions.

It has been alleged that Sadar Upazila Animal Resources Officer Dr. Mostafizur Rahman embezzled the training money in various ways. Talking to many farmers on the ground, it is known that a food budget of 300 taka has been allocated for each trainee participating in the training. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea should be served in between. But without any breakfast in the morning and afternoon, only in the afternoon, a low-quality biryani of Tk 110 and a bottle of water worth Tk 15 were given from Dhaka Biryani House in Chowdhury Bazar area. Although Tk 100 has been allocated for each trainee for pen book, the remaining money is being embezzled by providing Tk 16 notebook and Tk 5 pen.

It is known that 2,000 taka is allocated to each training camp for decoration and 1,000 taka for making banners. But often training is not done on the spot but training is done in various union offices or open places. And without creating a banner for each training i.e. without mentioning the place in the banner, the remaining money is being embezzled by completing the training with the same banner. Not only that, but there is supposed to be an allowance of 200 rupees per person for the travel expenses of the trainees after the training, there have been complaints that the money is embezzled by showing fake trainees in place of those who are absent due to various reasons.

Note that in the month of January, Sadar Upazila received an allocation of 4 lakh 6 thousand taka. There have also been major irregularities.

Doctor Mostafizur Rahman denied the matter and said the allegations against him are not true.

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