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Minister Imran’s question is who is giving wrong massage to the workers regarding Jaflong Stone Quarry

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Update : Sunday, February 19, 2023

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Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Minister Imran Ahmed MP said that the government is always working for the workers. The government works not to close the workplace of the worker, but to create the worker. During the tenure of the current government, the government has stood by the workers by creating new unions. The government is not in favor of stopping the work of barki workers in Jaflong Pathar Quarry, I am never against the workers. The government has never stopped the activities by adopting the traditional method. Jaflong Stone Quarry who is giving wrong massage to the workers?

The minister said, who are involved in this outrageous situation today? Everyone should be wary of them. Know them and you will respond accordingly during the election. He said the above words yesterday Saturday at 2 o’clock in Jaflong Mama’s Shop Point while meeting the assembled barki workers. He told the workers that according to you, no barki workers are being extorted while working in the quarry, so you will answer them during the election, who are trying to embarrass the administration on this matter with wrong information.

Under the chairmanship of President Siraj Uddin, Jaflong Ballaghat Stone Extraction and Workers Multipurpose Cooperative Association and organized secretary of Jaflong Truck and Tankery Workers Union, Sohag Miar, several thousands of leaders and workers of 10 organizations involved in livelihood in Jaflong Stone Quarry were present at the road blockade and protest meeting.

It is to be noted that recently, in the district and upazila law and order meeting, a few people’s representatives of the area brought fabricated allegations of extortion in traditional method of sand extraction in Jaflanga Stone Quarry, the administration and police department completely stopped the entire operation of the quarry. Due to this, thousands of stone and sand workers became unemployed. These Barki workers, who had been starving for half a day, started a mass movement due to the false extortion allegations made against the administration and the police, and in continuation of this, on Sunday, the government’s Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Minister Imran Ahmed MP, on his way to the program of Jaflong, found his uncle’s shop point and complained against those involved in the incident.

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