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After 13 days, 3 people, including a child, were rescued from under the rubble

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Update : Saturday, February 18, 2023

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On February 6, Turkey and Syria were hit by a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The death toll has reached 46,000. Rescue work is still going on.

However, after so long, a child, a man and a woman have been rescued from under the rubble. Aljazeera has given this news about the Turkish television NTV.

According to the report of this Qatar-based media, they were buried under the rubble of the Kantaki apartment in Hatay province for so long. They have already been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hundreds of buildings in the country were damaged due to the earthquake. Millions of people have been displaced. The victims lost their homes and took refuge in different places.

A representative of Aljazeera said that about 200,000 people have taken shelter in the guest houses, dormitories, sports halls and other universities and schools of Ankara’s Sports Ministry.

Meanwhile, education programs have been suspended in areas affected by the earthquake in Syria. Due to the collapse of many school buildings, it is also uncertain when the education program will resume.

Incidentally, since three days after the earthquake, 178 aid trucks of the United Nations have been providing food aid around the affected areas of Syria-Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government is supervising about 1,600 children. Children whose parents have not yet been identified due to the earthquake.

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