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Bricks are being burnt without regard to rules and regulations, fine

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Update : Friday, February 17, 2023


Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection has fined 1 lakh 25 thousand taka to 4 brick kilns in Mirpur of Bahubal. Lately bricks are being prepared without following the rules and regulations. Besides, illegal cutting of soil and trees are being burnt in kilns. On the one hand, the environment is deteriorating, on the other hand, due to the coming and going of tractors, the road has become a ditch. The government is repairing the roads every year.

On Thursday afternoon, National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, Habiganj District Office Assistant Director Debananda Sinha conducted a raid in Mirpur of Bahubal Upazila.

He said that after several meetings with the owners of the brick kilns, they were asked to fix the size of the bricks, but the owners of the brick kilns did not fix it. In view of this, while conducting the operation, there is evidence of rigging in the measurements in the brickyard. According to the standard of BSTI, the length of brick should be 24 cm, width 11.5 cm and height 7 cm, but brick kiln owners are producing bricks without complying with it. Because of this, M/s Robin Bricks of Mirpur of Bahubal Upazila were fined Tk 50,000, M/s Sagar Bricks Tk 20,000, M/s Intaz Bricks Tk 35,000 and M/s Ekta Bricks Tk 20,000 with a total of Tk 1,25,000. A group of police from Bahubal police station assisted in the operation. The director of consumer rights said that this campaign will continue regularly.

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