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Gas-electricity consumer welfare council held an emergency meeting

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Update : Saturday, February 4, 2023

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An emergency meeting of the Central Committee of the Gas-Electricity Consumer Welfare Parishad has been held to demand the increase in gas, electricity and LPG gas prices, to stop load shedding in winter, to identify and arrest those involved in corruption in the electricity and gas sector.

The meeting was held at a restaurant in Sylhet city on Saturday (February 4) at 11 o’clock.

The speakers of the meeting said, how much will be understood on the common people. From the market to life-saving medicines and educational materials, people are getting overwhelmed today. There is no other sector to reduce income and expenditure. Both gas and electricity are directly related to people’s lives. There is a great panic among the general public in the process of increasing the price of gas and electricity step by step by taking away the power of the Energy Commission. Now there is no government subsidy on gas, the government is making profit on fuel oil, people could have been given relief by giving the subsidy on electricity in the budget. Without doing so, those who get 1000 taka electricity bill as a result of the two-phase price increase will get 1 thousand two hundred taka next month.

They said, with the connivance of dishonest officials and employees, loss of loot and theft is being shown as system loss. There is no desired service, there is customer harassment. Although there is an opportunity to give meter reading of each house at the time of electricity bill, it is not being taken. Consumers are being bullied by increasing their bills. The concerned ministry does not have any clear information about the income of the power and energy department.

In the meeting, if the demand is not implemented by February 7, it has been decided to observe a nationwide protest day on Wednesday, February 8. On that day, a mass meeting program was taken at Kamran square of Sylhet city point at 4 pm on the initiative of the central convening committee.

Member Secretary of the Central Committee of Gas-Electricity Consumer Welfare Council Maqsud Hossain spoke in the meeting- Central Senior Joint Convener of Gas-Electricity Consumer Welfare Council Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury, member politician Mohiuddin, Islamic thinker Maulana Abdul Malik Chowdhury, Mamunur Rashid Advocate, Saroj Bhattacharya, Abdul Motwali Falik, Amirul Hossain Chowdhury Amnu, Rafiqul Islam Shitab, Ismat Ibn Ishaq Sanjid, Journalist Shahid Ahmad Khan, Central President of Anti-Corruption Bangladesh Youth Forum Imam Hossain, General Secretary Mahbub Iqbal Munna and others. Press release

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