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BNP announced a new program in the march

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Update : Saturday, February 4, 2023


BNP has announced a new program of march at the union level to involve the Trinamool people in the movement to bring down the government. Secretary General of the party, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, while announcing the program, said that on February 11, BNP will march from union to union across the country.

BNP Secretary General announced this program from a rally in front of BNP central office in Nayapaltan on Saturday (February 4) afternoon. He said, our program this year will be from the union level. Union-level march will be held across the country on Saturday, February 11, as part of the simultaneous movement to protest against the rise in the prices of daily necessities including gas-electricity-rice-dal, restoring democracy, and implementing 10-point demands including the resignation of the government.

Mentioning that there will be continuous programs from the union level, Fakhrul said, this time we will start the march from the union level. After that, gradually we will be upazila-district-metropolis and then the people will take over the power base of their power and form the people’s government.

This rally was organized by Dhaka Metropolitan North-South on the 10-point demand for the restoration of democracy on a side road in front of the party’s central office in Nayapaltan. Apart from Dhaka, this program was held simultaneously in nine other divisional cities. From 12 o’clock, the leaders and workers of different wards of the capital started coming to the meeting place in Naya Paltan with a procession.

The gathering of thousands of leaders and activists on both sides of the road from Kakrail’s Nightangle Restaurant intersection to Fakirapool intersection turned into a mass of people. The activists wore red-yellow-blue-green caps, some of them were holding national and BNP flags.

Dhaka Metropolitan South Convener Abdus Salam presided over the meeting and moderated by South Member Secretary Rafiqul Alam Majnu and North Member Secretary Aminul Haque, BNP Vice Chairman Azm Zahid Hossain, Ahmed Azam Khan, Chairman’s Advisory Council Member Aman Ullah Aman, Central Leader Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas, Syed Moazzem. Hossain Alal, Khairul Kabir Khokon, Fazulal Haque Milon and other leaders and activists of various bodies and organizations were present in the rally.

This is the fourth program of the simultaneous movement started by the anti-government political parties on the 10-point demand. Like-minded parties including BNP held mass marches in 9 divisional cities on December 24 and Dhaka on December 30, sit-in programs across the country on January 11, and demonstrations across the country on January 25. On Saturday, Democracy Manch, Democratic Left Unity, 12-Party Alliance, Nationalist Samana Alliance, LDP, Ganoforum-People’s Party held separate rallies in Dhaka. They also announced a common program of march on February 11.

BNP Secretary General said, we are moving forward to protect human rights. We have already managed to attract the attention of all the people through the march in Dhaka and by moving forward with the people, we want to defeat them and truly make a people’s state through the long march.

Calling upon the leaders and activists to make the program of the union level successful, he said, let us today take the people of the village together, take the people of the union together and take the people of the upazila-district together to establish democracy, restore democracy and bring down this fascist Awami League government. Moving forward will be our victory.

Fakhrul said that elections cannot be fair under this government. This has been proved recently in the by-elections. Hero Alam (independent candidate in Bugra by-election) Awami League is helpless even to this Hero Alam who has to win by 6/7th votes using the state machinery. He said, it has been proved today that Abdus Sattar (lawyer Abdus Sattar) who left the party and became an independent candidate, is considered by Awami League to be his own man and has to defeat the opposition candidate to win him. Will the election under this government be fair? Can you vote? At this time, the leaders and workers chanted slogans in unison.

Highlighting the position of the market, Fakhrul said that the price of gas cylinder has increased by Tk 263. Mother and sisters are here today. They know how hard they have to run the family. People now have their backs against the wall. People want to see the fall of the government.

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