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642 killed in 650 accidents in January of the new year

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Update : Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samiti said that a total of 650 accidents occurred on roads, railways and waterways in the month of January of the new year. 642 people were killed and 978 people were injured in these incidents. Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association Secretary General Md. Mozammel Haque Chowdhury.

The report was released in a media statement signed by him on Saturday (February 4) morning.

According to the report, 585 people were killed and 899 injured in 593 road accidents in January. Also, 205 people were killed and 114 injured in 214 motorcycle accidents. At the same time, 46 people were killed and 78 people were injured in 44 accidents on the railways. 11 killed, 1 injured and 6 missing in 13 maritime accidents. Also, 51.60 percent of the total accidents involving pedestrians were hit by vehicles.

The report also showed that road accidents increased by 5.3 percent in the outgoing January 2023 compared to the previous January 2022. The number of injured increased by 10.04 percent. However, fatalities fell by 4.6 percent. 206 drivers, 109 pedestrians, 35 transport workers, 53 students, 10 teachers, 13 law enforcement personnel, 115 women, 62 children, 5 journalists, 1 brave freedom fighter among those affected in road accidents. , 2 lawyers and 3 engineers and 14 leaders and activists of different political parties have been identified.

A total of 816 vehicles have been identified in organized accidents at this time. Out of this 27.32 percent motorcycles, 12.5 percent buses, 24.75 percent trucks, pickups, covered vans and lorries, 5.02 percent cars-jeep-microbuses, 5.88 percent CNG-powered autorickshaws, 14.58 percent battery-powered rickshaws and Easybike, 9.92 percent Nachiman-Kariman-Mahindra-Tractor and Laguna have been hit by road accidents.

Of the total accidents organized, 51.60 per cent were pedestrian collisions, 22.25 per cent head-on collisions, 12.47 per cent ditchings, 11.97 per cent miscellaneous causes, 0.67 per cent rollovers and 1.01 per cent trains. -Vehicle collisions occur.

An analysis of accident patterns showed that 29.51 percent of the total accidents occurred this year on national highways, 38.61 percent on regional highways, 24.45 percent on feeder roads. Also, 5.22 percent of the total accidents occurred in Dhaka city, 1.18 percent in Chittagong city and 1.01 percent in railway crossings.

The highest number of road accidents in the outgoing month occurred on January 17, 20 people were killed and 31 injured in 35 road accidents on this day. And the least road accident was organized on January 2. 10 people were killed and 21 injured in 12 road accidents on this day. January 11 is the highest number of people killed in road accidents in a single day. 30 people were killed and 17 injured in 26 road accidents on this day. Most injured in road accident on January 5. 16 people were killed and 71 injured in 18 road accidents on this day.

According to the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, dangerous overtaking, reckless speed, unfit vehicles, lack of footpaths on roads or empty footpaths, sudden rise of vehicles on railway crossings and highways, increasing number of small vehicles, lack of service lanes on various national and regional highways, easy bikes, rickshaws, Autorickshaws plying on highways, creating traffic jams at important junctions, road junctions and bus stops are increasing the risk of accidents to a great extent. Also, carelessness of passengers and pedestrians, inefficiency of drivers, reckless attitude of drivers, use of mobile phones or headphones while on the move, driving under the influence of drugs, lack of sidewalks or empty sidewalks, poor enforcement of traffic laws and disobedience of traffic laws, large increase in small vehicles, Extortion on the road and street markets have also increased the number of accidents.

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