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32 districts of the country at risk of Nipah virus fever, guidance

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Update : Saturday, February 4, 2023

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People in 32 districts of the country are at risk of Nipah virus fever. Therefore, the Directorate of Health has instructed to prepare 20 beds in the DNCC Covid Dedicated Hospital in Mohakhali, Dhaka for the treatment of Nipah virus patients.

Acting director of the hospital and clinic branch of the Department of Health on Thursday. The Department of Health issued a notification signed by Sheikh Daud Adnan. This letter has been sent to the directors of various hospitals in the country, supervisors and civil surgeons of district headquarter hospitals, upazila health and family welfare officers and associations of private medical colleges, hospitals and clinic owners.

In this, doctors on duty are advised to take special precautions, they must wear masks while seeing patients. Hands should be washed with soap before and after seeing the patient. The patient must be kept in isolation ward if symptoms of fever appear. In addition to fever, if the patient’s condition is critical, the patient should be kept in the ICU of the hospital. Caregivers of patients under treatment in ICU should only wear gloves and masks.

According to IDCR, since 2001, Nipah virus patients have been found in 33 districts of the country. However, this year in the winter season, the health department has reported the identification of 9 people infected with Nipah virus in 6 districts of the country.

Dr. Mushtaq Hossain, adviser of the government’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research, IEDCR, said on Saturday, once a Nipah virus patient is found in a place, that place is considered risky. Because where Nipah virus patients are found, there are also bats and date palm juice. All areas of the country are vulnerable to Nipah virus, but extra precautions are advised in those districts where it is found.

Raw date juice should never be consumed. Director of Infectious Diseases Control Branch of the Department of Health urged that the sale, marketing and promotion of raw date juice should not be done. Md. Nazmul Islam said, there is no vaccine for this disease. More than 70 percent of people affected by this deadly disease die. Those who survive live with physical disabilities. The number of patients may not be high, but most of those who are infected are dying. For this reason, we ask to be extremely careful.

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