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Hero Alam’s allegations are baseless: Rasheda Sultana

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Update : Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Independent candidate of Bogra-6 (Sadar) and Bogra-4 (Kahalu-Nandigram) parliamentary seats left by BNP. Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana commented that the complaint raised by Ashraful Alam alias Hero Alam is baseless.

He made this comment in response to questions from media persons at the Election Commission building on Thursday afternoon.

Rasheda Sultana said, “There is no basis for this.” After the matter appeared in the newspaper, we took it into account and did Reiki from the morning. I spoke to Bogra District Commissioner for this. Sir (Chief Election Commissioner) himself spoke to District-Upazila Election Officer, Thana Executive Officer (TNO). They assured us, they have no such Ye. Their results are hundred percent OK. There is no Ye here.’

When asked whether the commission will do any further investigation on the matter, he said, ‘No, we are satisfied. We have calculated the result sheets that have come to us and found that there is no deviation anywhere.

EC Rasheda Sultana also said that when a candidate loses, there is a tendency to raise various questions in our country. It is not only Hero Alam Sahib, we have observed such a trend in all the elections we have conducted.’

When asked about the allegation that Hero Alam’s agents were not given results in some centres, he said, ‘We have found out that he has not given many agents in Nandigram. I have spoken to the District Commissioner. He said, ‘We have found out that he did not give much agent in Nandigram. What I have discussed with the District Commissioner; He said, I and SP sahib myself visited the center. We went there and did not find any agent for him. He had some agents in Kahalu. Kahalu is his own territory. His house is not in Nandigram.’

EC Rasheda Sultana said, “There is no such complaint that other candidates do not have agents, results have not been given. Since he lost he is making these allegations. I saw on TV, he said the vote was good and in an interview I saw, the journalist asked, how will you take it if you lose? He said, if I lose, I will accept the result. He has lost, he has suffered, he is expressing his suffering in various ways. He can do it. It is not enough if a person says it, there must be proof’.

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