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Last year, 446 students committed suicide across the country

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Update : Friday, January 27, 2023

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Last year, 446 school and college level students committed suicide across the country. Among them 340 students of school and equivalent level and 106 students of college level. Besides, at least 86 students of different universities have chosen the path of suicide throughout the year.

On Friday (January 27), the non-governmental organization Anchal Foundation organized ‘Suicide tendency of school and college students; The survey was published in a virtual press conference titled “Which way is the solution?” Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Shabiprabi) Social Work Department Professor Tahmina Islam and Aanchal Foundation Founder and Clinical Psychologist and President Tansen Rose and others participated in the press conference.

It was informed that the highest number of suicides among school-college level students was in Dhaka Division. And among the students who committed suicide, 285 were female students and 161 were male students. 54 of them are madrasa students.

In the survey report, Anchal Foundation said that among the students studying in schools and colleges, 34 in January last year, 39 in February, 41 in March, 50 in April, 45 in May, 31 in June, 40 in July, 21 in August, 32 in September. , 30 students committed suicide in October, 49 in November and 34 in December. In 2022, an average of 37 school and college going students committed suicide every month.

According to the survey report, 23.77 percent of the students who committed suicide in the total eight divisions of the country were in Dhaka division. After that, 17.27 percent in Chittagong division. Apart from this, 16.81 percent students committed suicide in Rajshahi division, 14.13 percent in Khulna division, 8.74 percent in Rangpur, 8.53 percent in Barisal, 6.27 percent in Mymensingh and 4.48 percent in Sylhet division.

The report also said that 63.90 percent of female students and 36.1 percent of male students committed suicide among school-college students. 65.30 percent of female students and 34.70 percent of male students chose to commit suicide. 59.44 percent of female students and 40.56 percent of male students are taking the same path.

According to Anchal Foundation, 27.36 percent students committed suicide out of pride. Most of them were jealous of their family members. Apart from this, love affair is one of the other causes of student suicide. 23.32 percent due to love affair, 3.14 percent due to family quarrels, 2.01 percent due to depression, 1.79 percent due to mental problems, 1.79 percent due to financial problems and 3.13 percent committed suicide due to harassment, rape and sexual harassment. Percentage of students.

However, although the actual reason behind suicide in some cases is not known, Anchal Foundation has received information about several other reasons for suicide of school and college students. Among them, 4 students committed suicide due to spreading offensive pictures on Facebook, 6 students were insulted by teachers, 7 students were prevented from playing mobile games, 27 students failed in exams, 10 students committed suicide because they were not allowed to buy mobile phones, and 6 students committed suicide because they were not allowed to buy motorcycles. Besides, other causes of suicide include failure or not performing as expected in exams, feeling pressured by studies and family stress.

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