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The Prime Minister gave 25 instructions to the field administration officials

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Update : Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given 25 instructions to the field administration officials in the Deputy Commissioner (DC) conference on various issues including prevention of rumours, drugs, terrorism, militancy, food adulteration, control of social crimes, government service to the people, increasing food production.

The Prime Minister gave these instructions at the opening ceremony of the ‘District Administrators Conference-2023’ at the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday (January 24).

The instructions are-

1. All efforts should be taken to increase food production. Crops should be grown on fallow land. Necessary measures should be taken to ensure that no land remains uncultivated.

2. People should be encouraged to be energy and energy efficient themselves.

3. It should be ensured that common people get uninterrupted and proper services in government offices within stipulated time. To achieve the satisfaction of the service seekers should be the vow of the government employees.

4. Government funds should be used sparingly.

5. Actions should be strengthened to achieve the targets set under SDG localization.

6. No one will be landless or homeless in the country. Construction of houses for the homeless, settlement of agricultural land for the landless in all social security programs should ensure that the truly helpless, distressed and underprivileged marginalized people get opportunities. Along with providing land and houses, employment opportunities should be created.

7. Educational institutions should be proactive in improving the quality of teaching activities. Special attention should be given to educational institutions in relatively remote areas.

8. Community Clinics and Union Health and Family Welfare Centers should be continuously monitored to ensure their functioning.

9. For the physical and mental development of children and adolescents, creative practices, cultural activities and sports facilities should be ensured for them in every area.

10. For the healthy lifestyle of the citizens, initiatives should be taken to preserve parks, playgrounds etc. and create new parks and playgrounds in the district and upazila.

11. To take maximum advantage of the fourth industrial revolution in keeping with the changing world, work must be done to build a skilled workforce with high technology knowledge.

12. Websites of government departments should be updated regularly. The development, progress and success of the government in respective districts should be highlighted on the website.

13. Work should be done to ensure safe use of information technology and internet among the public. Initiatives should be taken to prevent misuse of social media, rumours, etc.

14. Vigilance should be strengthened so that the law and order situation does not deteriorate in any way.

15. Care must be taken that no one spreads false rumors and destroys communal harmony.

16. Drugs, militancy and terrorism must be eliminated. Initiatives should be taken to create awareness so that innocent religious people do not get involved in militancy. Youth should be kept free from drugs, terrorism and militancy.

17. Regular mobile courts should be conducted to prevent crimes such as child marriage, eviction, food adulteration, counterfeiting etc.

18. Market monitoring activities should be strengthened to maintain uninterrupted supply of essential products in the market, prevent artificial crisis and keep product prices normal.

19. Strict measures should be taken to protect government lands, rivers, forests, hills, natural water bodies etc. Upward expansion of buildings should be prioritized for setting up new government institutions to ensure optimum utilization of land.

20. The navigability should be increased through regular river dredging. Care should be taken to avoid waterlogging through switchgates or any other reason. In particular, it must be ensured that waterlogging does not disrupt production.

21. Palm trees should be planted in lightning prone areas.

22. Special initiatives should be taken to develop and maintain the tourism industry. New tourist spots should be developed.

23. Protecting the district’s own heritage and culture and promoting, marketing and branding district-based famous products.

24. Monitoring should be strengthened so that government departments are run with the spirit of service, putting public interest above all else.

25. You have to take a vow to build a developed and rich golden Bangladesh i.e. Smart Bangladesh by 2041 through proper coordination of the activities of all the government departments of the district.

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