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Death sentence for 7 people including son responsible for killing mother

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Update : Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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The court has ordered the execution of 7 accused, including the son of the victim, in the brutal murder of a woman named Nurjahan Begum (57) in Charjabbar Union of Subarnachar, Noakhali. At the same time each accused was fined 5 thousand rupees.

Judge Nilufar Sultana of the Noakhali District and Sessions Judge’s Court gave the verdict on Tuesday (January 24) around 12 noon.

The accused who received the death sentence are Humayun Kabir Humu (32), Mohammad Nirab (26), Nur Islam (32), Md. Abul Kalam (30), Suman (33), Md. Hamid (28) and Ismail Hossain (30).

Confirming the matter, Public Counsel (PP) Gulzar Ahmed Jewel said that the victim’s son Humayun Kabir Huma (32) filed a case at the police station as the plaintiff. According to the source of the case, the police investigation revealed the direct involvement of the child in the murder. At the same time, the police found evidence that his seven accomplices had committed the murder.

He also said that 7 defendants were present in the court when the verdict was announced. 27 witnesses were accepted in this case. 5 of the accused have given a statement under section 164 in the court. At the same time, according to the confession of Nirab and butcher Noor Islam, the friend of the arrested victim’s son, the sharp chapati used in the murder, pillow, spade and the clothes used by the victim were recovered.

After the verdict was announced, the relatives of the sentenced accused broke down in tears in the court. Amena Begum, the mother of Noor Islam, accused No. 3 in the case, said, “My son is completely innocent.” We did not get justice. A few days after the incident, the police called my son from home and unjustly sent him to jail. We want justice.

Munia Akhtar, wife of Noor Islam, said, “My husband is a daily wage laborer, I have a one-month-old child, who will I go to with this child?” Who will watch my child? My husband is innocent, I want justice.

Another accused Belal Hossain’s brother said, injustice has been done to my brother. He was not involved in this incident in any way. We are poor people, we cannot even go to the High Court. Where will I get so much money, who will I go to? We have been deprived of justice.

Kadbanu, the mother of the deceased Nurjahan Begum, said, “My daughter (daughter) is being cut into pieces, she is being killed.” I want the Hetago (accused) to be hanged.

Advocate Abdur Rahman, lawyer for the accused, said that the government has completely failed to prove the case. The defendant is aggrieved by this verdict. Speaking to the accused side, he will appeal to the High Court.

It should be noted that the son of the deceased woman along with his accomplices premeditated the murder. The deceased woman had two sons from two families. Belal, the son of the previous family, took a loan of four lakh rupees from some people on the basis of interest, keeping his mother as a guarantor. But Belal died a year and a half ago after leaving the loan. Then the creditors put pressure on his next-generation brother Humayun to repay the loan. Humayun informed his mother about it. At that time, his mother asked him to sell the 13th century land and pay the debt. Humayun responded by telling his mother to sell the 14th century land owned by him and the 10th century land owned by Belal’s wife to repay the debt. His mother disapproved of this. On the other hand, the woman owed 62 thousand 500 taka to her brother Dulal. He almost pressured his brother to pay the dues. Because of this, Humayun’s cousin Kalam and cousin’s son-in-law Suman were angry with him. Besides, his neighbors Ismail and Hamid were also greedy for Belal’s land. That is why they also assisted Humayun in direct murder.

Humayun said in his deposition that it was verbally decided to give two percent of Belal’s wife’s land to Hamid and the remaining eight percent to Ismail. Then it will be decided to divide mother’s land into five equal shares and give it to Humayun, Noman, Suman, Kalam and Kasai Noor Islam. With this promise, they planned the murder by sitting on a bridge next to the house on October 6. Later, at some point of the night, they killed him by pressing a pillow inside the house and cut him into nine pieces and scattered them in the paddy fields of the creditors.

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