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The centenarian mother was kicked out of the house by her son and her daughter-in-law, the address is in the hospital!

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Update : Saturday, January 21, 2023

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj representative/

Centenary mother Angura Khatun was thrown out of her house by her son and daughter-in-law in Shaistanagar of Habiganj city. After going from door to door for three days, unable to make a living, he finally got sick and went to Habiganj Sadar Hospital as the last refuge. How true is the mother’s feet under the child’s feet? Apart from this, the mother who bore her son for 10 months and 10 days showed the light of the world, today that son has written the property in his own name and kicked him out of the house. After getting no justice anywhere in this incident, finally on January 11, when the Senior Judicial Magistrate filed a case against the son in the Amal-1 court, the judge took the case into consideration and ordered them to appear in court.

It is known that Angura Khatun, the wife of the deceased Jitu Mia, a resident of Ward No. 9, Shaistanagar, wrote a house of about half a crore rupees to her husband before his death. But their only one, Farid Mia and his wife Jharna Akhtar, took care of him for some time and managed to register his residence in their name. At one point, Farid and his wife kicked Angura out of the house on January 3, thinking it was a burden. An old woman earns her living by begging various people in extreme cold. At one point, when he fell ill, passers-by admitted him to Sadar Hospital. But since the hospital did not give the medicine, the medicine was given from the social service office.
In this incident, Angura Khatun Sadar police station complained against Farid Mia and his wife Jharna, the police did not take any remedy! Later, the senior philanthropic association stood by the old lady. Besides, the administration of Sadar Hospital also took the news of the woman. At the time of writing this report, the woman is undergoing treatment in the medicine ward of Sadar Hospital.

Meanwhile, seeing the representative, he lamented that his only son and daughter-in-law wrote down everything and chased them away from the house. Now he has no address other than the hospital.

The OC of Sadar Police Station said that investigation is going on regarding the complaint.

Engineer Samsuddin, general secretary of Praveen Hitaishi Sangh, said, “We have stood by the woman after hearing the matter.” Doing as much as possible. But the law will see why his son was kicked out. We will only cooperate.

In this regard, Aminul Islam Sarkar said that the matter is sad. However, we are taking information from the woman as much as we can. Through this news, everyone demands to the administration to give inhuman attention.

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