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Corruption in Habiganj jail, district administration assured to take action

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Update : Saturday, January 21, 2023

Staff Reporter, Habiganj/

Prisoners in Habiganj District Jail have become sick after eating too much food and eating unhealthy food. Besides, the district administration said to investigate and take action against the various corruption cases in the jail. The Additional District Magistrate in charge of the jail said that he came to know about the matter through the newspaper. He informed that action will be taken subject to investigation.

It is known that in Habiganj District Jail, torture of prisoners, selling of seats and various corruptions have been going on for a long time. This information was given by the prisoners who came out on bail recently. They said that there is water shortage, food shortage inside the prison, apart from this, the prisoners are given various tasks like taking care of cows and goats. If anyone does not agree to their word, they are put in a cell. That is, 24 hours are kept in a room. Many people agree to this out of fear. Some Subadars, Jamadars and Jail Guards inside the jail are under these supervision.

A number of prisoners including Taj Uddin, Farooq Mia, Azman Mia, Lal Mia said that as soon as they go to jail, they will be taken to the ward. As they could not pay, they were kept in a tower inside the prison. If you want to get down from this, you have to pay 3-4 thousand taka to Jamadar and Subadar. Or stay there. Apart from this, if you want to take money inside the prison, you have to pay commission at the rate of 20 percent to the subadar and the prison guard. This information is coming out through the accused. The issue of the district administration came to the attention of the online news portal CNBangladesh.com along with national daily Morningglory. He said that he will investigate. Moreover, the District Judge and Chief Judicial Court have also taken notice of the matter. It is said that they will also take action.

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