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The government is taking anti-people decisions one after another

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Update : Friday, January 20, 2023

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BNP Standing Committee member Nazrul Islam Khan said, people are already suffering. They are afraid of more bad times. There the government is taking anti-people decisions one after another. A few days ago the price of electricity increased. Now the price of gas has increased again. Gas prices have increased in the industrial sector. It should be provided to poor people. That is, the irresponsibility of the government towards the people.

He said, today the ship is moving with food, they could not pay their money. People are not getting jobs. No employment. In the meantime, increasing the price of gas has put the industry in more danger. So we have to fight to establish a democratic government before Bangladesh falls into a more difficult crisis.

He said these things while speaking as the chief guest at the distribution of food among street children and sarees among helpless women organized by Ziaur Rahman Foundation (ZRF) on the ground floor of BNP’s central office in Nayapaltan of the capital on Friday (January 20). The event was organized on the occasion of the 87th birth anniversary of BNP founder and former president Ziaur Rahman.

Nazrul Islam Khan said, today there is an unelected government in the country; Who have no accountability to the people of the country. On the one hand, some people have become millionaires by looting money. On the other hand, several crores of people have become impoverished. Children are also poor.

Regarding the imprisonment of BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, he said, today our national leader Begum Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned in a false case. Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman is also unable to come to the country. Those who love the poor people and love the country have been detained in prison and the looters have been released. The amount of wealth of people in the ruling party abroad! Chhatra League leader of a district has smuggled two thousand crore rupees. A country cannot run like this.

He also said that we are struggling to build a livable country. That is why many of our leaders are in jail today.

Praising ZRF, Nazrul Islam Khan said that Ziaur Rahman himself loved to work for people. Today the foundation is doing that work in his name. Shaheed Zia took all the groundbreaking steps for the people of this country. From Shishu Academy to numerous institutions and laws.

Ziaur Rahman Foundation is also doing many service works. Distributes free fertilizers and seeds to farmers. Provides free medical care to poor people.

He said, today the senior people of the government say that there is no need to complain about corruption. Must provide proof. So what does your organization do? Don’t you have people? The timing of BNP’s program is right.

Nazrul Islam Khan told the government to give up power. BNP will find out exactly who robbed the bank and their names will be published. Those behind it will be brought forward. We made Bangladesh free in exchange of a lot of blood. In exchange for the honor and blood of many mothers and sisters. Today the country is being played with.

In the president’s speech, Professor Dr. Farhad Halim Donor said that since its establishment, Ziaur Rahman Foundation has been supporting the poor and helpless people in various ways. Especially under the leadership of ZRF President Tariq Rahman, Ziaur Rahman Foundation has been extending its hand of support during emergencies and natural disasters such as floods and floods. Free medical services are provided to poor and needy people. Even today winter clothes are being distributed in severe winter. This is how ZRF is working for the country and people. Inshallah will continue the service work in the future.

ZRF Executive Director Professor Dr. Dr. Farhad Halim Donor was also present at the event. Ahmed Shafiqul Haider Parvez, Professor Dr. Lutfar Rahman, agriculturist Shamimur Rahman Shamim, advocate Abed Raja, Dr. Parvez Reza Kakan, Engineer Mahbub Alam, Engineer Md. Hanif, engineer KM Asaduzzaman Chunnu, agriculturist Shafiul Alam Didar, engineer Umasha Umayon Moni Chowdhury, agriculturist Abdur Rahman Noori, Sanwar Alam, professor Dr. Abu Zafar, Biplabuzzaman Biplab, Shamima Rahim, Shafiqul Islam, Engineer Mehdi Hasan Sohel and other leaders of various levels.

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