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We will fulfill our 10-point demand: Mirza Fakhrul

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Update : Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir expressed his firm conviction to make the movement successful by ignoring jail and oppression. He said, whatever jail-oppression comes in front of us, we will ignore them and move forward. On the birthday of our leader Ziaur Rahman, let us take that oath, we will fulfill our 10-point demand.

The general secretary of the party made this comment at the discussion meeting of BNP on Thursday (January 19) afternoon. On the occasion of the 87th birth anniversary of BNP founder and late President Ziaur Rahman, BNP organized this discussion at Ramnar Engineers Institution Auditorium. Party’s Publicity Secretary Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie and Co-Publicity Secretary Amirul Islam Khan Alim moderated the discussion meeting, party standing committee members Mirza Abbas, Abdul Moin Khan, Selima Rahman, Iqbal Hasan Tuku, Vice Chairman Abdullah Al Noman, Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, Shahjahan Omar, Chairperson’s Advisory Council member Aman Ullah Aman, Abdus Salam and Dhaka University (DU) former teacher Professor Mahbubullah spoke.

Fakhrul said, we have to wake up. My Maqbul Bhai (Maqbul Hossain who was shot dead by the police in Dhaka), who died on December 7, my brothers in Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Bhola who gave their lives have taken an oath that we will not return home without making Bangladesh a liberal state. We will not return home until victory is achieved.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said to the activists, are we paying full respect to our leader? Are we true to our oath? Are we our leader Tariq Rahman Sahib who told us to take back Bangladesh, ‘Take back Bangladesh’ – are we fixed on that goal? Do we want the release of the country’s leader Khaleda Zia? Do we want to free our friends who are still in prison?

Let’s not delay any more, with the passion and courage with which we are moving forward, we will definitely win in the coming days and defeat them (Awami League government) and build a truly free democratic liberal state in this country – let it be today. the oath

BNP has announced a 10-day program from January 17 to mark Ziaur Rahman’s birth anniversary.

General Secretary of BNP said, you have noticed that this government is sitting in power by completely deceiving the people in 2014 and 2018 without elections. They are still sitting and they want to come back to power no matter what. That’s where people wake up.

Keeping the ideals of Ziaur Rahman in front, people are moving forward keeping the ideals of Tariq Rahman in front, keeping the life of the country leader Begum Khaleda Zia in front. We see how people want this government to fall.

About “Vijay Keyboard”

Mirza Fakhrul said, they (the government) can’t end by talking about their disgrace. See in today’s paper – Vijay Key Board questions on concealment and its validity. Our mobile smart sets which are compulsary (compulsory) to use Vijay keyboard in these smart sets. Because this victory keyboard is owned by Minister Mustafa Jabbar, who is the Minister of Information Technology (Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology).

What a terrible thing. What can amount to corruption? It is a rule that a minister can never involve his company in any profitable work of the government. There they are doing this publicly with official announcements.

“New Awami Leaguers are buying houses abroad”

Mirza Fakhrul said, I saw on television yesterday that most Bangladeshis are buying houses abroad, especially in London. Who are they? They are the new Awami Leaguers who have looted the country’s wealth and are buying these houses.

He said, the people of the whole country know that you (Awami government) are looting the resources, the people of the whole country know that you have become a banana plant in the blink of an eye. Those who did not have slippers are now walking around with Roseguard cars. This is the reality.

That’s why we have to carry forward the ideals of martyred President Ziaur Rahman. We have to move forward with his extraordinary courage, his extraordinary wisdom, his foresight, his foresight. We are fortunate to be led by Khaleda Zia and her successor Tariq Rahman.

In the speech of the chief guest, Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain, a member of the standing committee, said, “The leaders of those who are afraid of this movement are saying, even the prime minister said on that day that BNP and democracy – this or not.” BNP cannot speak for democracy.

But this Awami League killed democracy in 1975, today they are in power by force of their body by robbing the polls at night and boycotting elections, they have killed democracy. Only national elections are held, they have destroyed the local government electoral system. Awami League and democracy do not go together, Awami League and democracy are contradictory. He also commented that BNP is demanding to establish democracy in the country.

Mirza Abbas, a member of the standing committee, said that some people in this country were outraged when they heard about Ziaur Rahman. The strength of BNP is the people of this country. Awami League and their government are so enraged by the crowd in favor of BNP that they lie about BNP and make false statements. I mean, no use.

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