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‘Gas price increase will increase public suffering’

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Update : Thursday, January 19, 2023

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The Left Democratic Alliance termed the increase in gas prices as unreasonable and anti-people. The coalition has also warned that public suffering will increase as a result.

The Left Democratic Alliance made this comment in a statement on Thursday (January 19).

In the statement, they said, the rulers who protect the interests of local and foreign robber groups once wanted to smuggle gas because the country is floating on gas, and for the sake of profits of cylinder traders, they decided to import LNG without taking effective initiatives in land and sea gas exploration and extraction. Now again, on the pretext of high price of LNG in the international market, increasing the price of gas has increased the public suffering. The left leaders immediately demanded to withdraw the unreasonable and anti-people decision of increasing the price of gas.

In a statement given to the newspaper, the leaders said that the present government has claimed the achievement of winning the sea with great fanfare, but has not taken any initiative to extract gas from the sea. But on our border, Myanmar and India are extracting their gas from the same gas plates. Many experts fear that they can take away the gas from our area. But the government has no idea about this. They said, there is no government initiative to increase the capacity of our national institutions. Even though the Bhola gas field was discovered almost three decades ago, the decision to extract the gas and bring it to the national grid has not yet been made. The decision whether to bring the gas through tunnels under the river or through LNG has been hanging for years. Moreover, our BAPEX has leased the wells to Russian Co. Gazprom instead of allowing Petrobangla to drill them. But Gazprom is subcontracting our BAPEX again.

The leaders of the alliance said that the price of electricity has been increased for the past seven days, this time the price of gas has been increased, the cost of electricity production with gas will increase as a result of which the price of electricity will increase again. In this way, by increasing the price of fuel, the government is making the survival of the people responsible by increasing the price of all products.

The statement was signed by Bazlur Rashid Firoz, Coordinator of the Central Executive Council of the Alliance and BASD General Secretary, CPB President Shah Alam, General Secretary Ruhin Hossain Prince, Revolutionary Communist League General Secretary Iqbal Kabir Zahid, Bangladesh Samajatantrik Dal (BASD-Marxist) Coordinator Masud Rana, Democratic Biblobli. Party General Secretary Moshpho Mishu and Socialist Movement President Hamidul Haque.

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