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Prime Minister asked which country in the world subsidizes gas and electricity?

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Update : Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has commented that there are no such conditions in the IMF loan. He said that the IMF gives loans only when the country qualifies for repayment. The IMF is lending because we have qualified. Here we have no loan with any conditions.

The Prime Minister said these things while participating in an unscheduled discussion at the Parliament meeting on Wednesday (January 18). Earlier, Jatiya Party General Secretary stood on the point of order and raised the question of how the government will handle the pressure of inflation by alleging that the price of electricity and gas is being increased due to IMF loan conditions.

In response to the question which country in the world gives subsidy on electricity and gas, the Prime Minister said, ‘We are giving subsidy on electricity and gas. My question is which country in the world gives subsidy on gas and electricity? No one gives.’

Addressing the businessmen and industrial owners, he said, ‘If they want uninterrupted gas supply, they will have to pay the price at which they will buy it. There is no justification for subsidy here.

Sheikh Hasina also said, ‘We have increased electricity production. Increased power supply. But everyone should be frugal in using electricity. The price of electricity in England has increased by 150% after the war between Ukraine and Russia. We only raised 5 percent today, and some gas prices in bulk. LNG which we used to buy at spot price of $6, is now at $68. How much subsidy will the government give? The subsidy given by the government is the people’s money. And commodity prices have increased all over the world today.

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