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BNP condemned the increase in electricity and gas prices

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Update : Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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BNP condemned and protested the increase in gas price after electricity. The party says that this decision is an expression of the anti-people character of the government.

In a statement sent to the media on Wednesday, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that after electricity, the price of gas has increased almost three times.

The government has increased the price of gas after electricity, pushing the poor people into endless misery. The people are already going through extreme hardships due to the corruption, looting, mismanagement and wrong policies of the anti-people government. He demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision to increase the price of gas.

BNP said that after the increase in the price of electricity 4 days ago, the price of gas in large, medium, small-scale industries, power plants and even hotels and restaurants will increase by 2 to 3 times.

A unilateral hike in gas prices, ignoring traders’ pleas not to raise gas prices, will affect everything. Already the gas crisis is at its peak, there is no uninterrupted supply of gas to factories and even houses, the stoves in houses are not lit due to gas shortage, the production of factories is also continuously decreasing. In such an intolerable situation, the increase in gas prices will put industries at risk, increasing the cost of living of the people.

Mirza Fakhjrul said that because the government is not elected, it is imposing one after another anti-people decisions on the people. Illegal government hiked gas prices to cut people’s pockets and favor a group.

The country’s economy has collapsed due to government misrule, corruption and money laundering. Due to the dollar crisis, LCs cannot be opened, there is extreme instability and frustration in business. There is a serious crisis in public life. In the name of development, unlimited looting is going on in the country. In this situation, once again the increase in gas price after electricity will increase the suffering of the people, which is a blow on the wall.

Condemnation and protest of various political parties: The mass solidarity movement has called for immediate cancellation of the decision to increase the price of gas and electricity. The party’s chief coordinator Jonaid Saki and executive coordinator Abul Hasan Rubel protested the increase in gas prices in a joint statement, saying that the government is able to take anti-people decisions one after another because they are not elected by the people’s vote.

They have no responsibility, no accountability to the people. Increasing the price of gas in the industrial, electricity and commercial sectors means pushing the country’s economy in the face of more danger.

Bangladesh LDP President Abdul Karim Abbasi and General Secretary Shahadat Hossain Salim said in a statement that another round of gas price hike in the industrial sector will cause instability in the economy.

Also, in a separate statement, various political parties including the 12-party alliance, Nagorika Oikya, Revolutionary Workers Party, Jamaat-e-Islami have called for the withdrawal of the decision by terming the increase in the price of gas at a critical time as ‘anti-people’.

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