September 23, 2023, 9:30 am
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The government is joking about providing electricity and increasing the price: Qayyum Chowdhury

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Update : Monday, January 16, 2023

Sylhet Bureau/

Sylhet district BNP president Abdul Qayyum Chowdhury said that the government is joking about giving electricity to the people of the country and increasing the price. On one hand, people are not getting electricity, on the other hand, the price of electricity is being increased again and again. Thousands of crores of rupees have been embezzled in the name of QuickRental. Rent-based power plants have been subsidized hundreds of crores of people’s tax in the name of capacity charge without producing electricity. The country’s money has been collected by buying ineffective machines in all these power plants.

To run power plants in the country, fuel imported with tax money of the people is supplied for power generation with subsidies, but it is being smuggled under the umbrella of the government. Due to corruption in the power sector, the people of the country are paying the price today. The government is showing failure in running the country. So this corrupt government has lost all right to stay in power. The BNP 10-point movement program has been announced for the restoration of democracy at this critical juncture in the country, which is very timely. This fascist government should be ousted from power by implementing all the programs along with the people of the country and establish a people’s government in the country.

He said these things while addressing the chief guest of separate protest marches and rallies organized by Dakshin Surma and Sadar Upazila BNP as part of the centrally announced program of BNP to protest the implementation of 10-point demands and increase in electricity prices on Monday afternoon.

Sylhet District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmad Chowdhury was the main speaker in these separate programs. Sylhet District BNP Leaders who spoke and were present- Sylhet District BNP Organizing Secretary Shamim Ahmad, District BNP Leader Advocate Ashiq Uddin, Falakuzzaman Chowdhury Jaglu, Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury, Advocate Hasan Ahmad Patwari Ripon, Tajrul Islam Tajul, Advocate Abu Taher, Advocate Saeed Ahmad, Principal Nizam Uddin Tarafdar, District Volunteer Team Member Secretary Shakeel Morshed.

In the speech of the main speaker, Sylhet District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmad Chowdhury said that the Awami League government is claiming that there is no power shortage in the country. Awami League says that there is no shortage of electricity in the country, but the people of the country are not getting electricity even during this winter. And without providing electricity, the price is increasing again and again. People cannot take this pressure. People have their backs against the wall. The country is in deep crisis today. This government has no option but to resign to overcome this crisis.

South Surma-
At 3 pm, the protest march initiated by Upazila BNP started from the Markaz Point of South Surma and went to the southern end of Keen Bridge and ended with the protest rally.

Under the chairmanship of Dakshin Surma Upazila BNP President Shahab Uddin and conducted by General Secretary Kohinur Ahmad, the local leaders who spoke and were present were Lokman Ahmad, Abdul Latif Khan, Jaidul Islam Jaidu, Zilla Mia Member, Ajmal Ali, Abul Hai Masuk, Ashraful Alam Bahar. .

Sylhet Sadar-
At 4:30 pm, Sylhet Sadar Upazila BNP started a protest march from Temukhi Point and went to Tuk Bazar and held a rally.

Under the chairmanship of Sadar Upazila BNP president Abdul Kashem and moderated by general secretary Azizur Rahman Aziz, district BNP leader MKM Tarek Kalam, Samim Ahmad, Said Ahmad, Advocate Mujibur Rahman Rafiqul Islam Shah Paran, Mamunur Rashid Mamun, Mahanagar Chhatra Dal also spoke and were present. President Sudip Jyoti Ayash, District Chhatra Dal General Secretary Delwar Hossain Dinar, Sadar Upazila BNP Senior Vice President Abdur Rahman, Azir Uddin Chairman, Islam Uddin, Enam Hossain, Rafiqul Islam, Badshah Ahmad, Mujibur Rahman, Zain Uddin, Haji Zaheed Ahmad, Akbar Ali. . Salam, Enam Hossain, Alibur Rahman, Babul Mia, Tarek, Moshahid, Abdul Ahad Limon, Saidul, Ful Mia, Nures Ali, Tarek Manwar, Dilawar Hossain Sayem, Sujan, Rabbi, Rubel, Kabir, Minhaj, Jahangir, Rubel, Imran etc. .
In addition, the centrally declared program of BNP has been celebrated in all upazilas, municipalities under the initiative of BNP and affiliated organizations of Sylhet district. Press release.

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