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30 injured in BNP-police clash in Chittagong

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Update : Monday, January 16, 2023

Chittagong Correspondent/

BNP leaders and activists clashed with the police in Chittagong over a protest against the rise in electricity prices. The incident took place at Kazi intersection in the city on Monday around 3:30 pm. At this time, a police motorcycle was burnt and several cars were vandalized. It was initially reported that 10 policemen and twice as many BNP activists were injured in the clash. The BNP’s program was thwarted. Police arrested at least 20 BNP activists from the spot. Additional police have been deployed in and around the BNP office to control the situation.

Meanwhile, when the BNP clash was going on at Kazi Deuri intersection, half a kilometer away from it, some unruly youth attacked the vehicles with sticks on the Naval Museum road. At that time, they vandalized 8 to 10 private cars and CNG autorickshaws by hitting them with sticks and throwing bricks. At this time, the car of a doctor named Jahangir Alam was also vandalized.

Dr. Jahangir Alam said, “I was taking the car on an alternative route avoiding the place where BNP was holding its program. But suddenly some youths attacked vehicles on the road with sticks. They vandalized at least 8 to 10 cars including my car.

Eyewitnesses of the incident at Kazi Deuri intersection said that the pre-announced protest rally was going on in front of the party office at Nasimon Bhavan. BNP leaders and activists were going to the party office on Noor Ahmad Road with a procession to attend the rally. As soon as the procession reached the Kazi Deuri junction, it attacked the police stationed there. A chase and counter-chase ensued between the two sides. At that time, activists set fire to a traffic police motorcycle on the sidewalk. At least ten policemen were injured in the attack by the BNP activists as the number of policemen was less in the beginning.

Later, the police brought a large number of forces and brought the situation under control. Traffic was halted in the entire area for half an hour. Around four in the afternoon, the police started operations around Kazi Deuri. 20 activists of BNP were arrested in the operation. Not only that; When a district police vehicle passed in front of Radisson Blu, BNP activists also attacked there. A policeman was seriously injured.

City Police Deputy Commissioner (South) Mostafizur Rahman said, “The police were attacked from the BNP procession without any provocation. Cars were vandalized and set on fire. Many of our policemen were injured. After bringing in additional forces, the situation came under control. The operation is ongoing. So far 20 people have been arrested.

However, BNP leaders were not immediately available for comment.

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