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After being closed for two years, the Pail fish fair is being held now, the crowd is overflowing

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Update : Sunday, January 15, 2023

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

After being closed for two years due to Corona, the traditional fish fair of Habiganj Sadar Upazila was held this time. The organizers organize this fair every year on Paush Sankranti. This fair adds a unique level of joy to Pail and the surrounding villages. Which has been going on for almost two hundred years. Every year this day is actually celebrated by Pilbasi. Not only Pilbasi, many people from other districts such as Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj, Brakshanbaria also gathered in this fair for the big fish of native species. The fair which started yesterday Sunday morning will continue till Monday morning.

In this fair of Poush Sankranti, sellers bring various species of attractive fish including Boal, Bagair, large size Ai, Chital, Gajar, Rui, Katal. Also Puti, Prawns, Koi, Chapila, Chanda fish come up in large numbers. Although the main attraction of the fair was fish, agricultural implements, daily necessities, consumer goods, sugarcane, children’s toys were also notable. The people of Pail and the surrounding villages consider this fair to be the tradition of their forefathers. On the surface of the fair, it can be seen that the sellers are sitting on stalls with big fish of local species. However, it has been reported that many visitors to the fair have lost their cash and mobile phones.

Big fish are sold in this fair every year. Like every time, he brought a bagair fish weighing about 40 kg to the fair. The asking price is 1 lakh 40 thousand taka. The fish seller said that the fish was caught from Dirai river and brought here for sale. He will sell the fish if he gets a suitable price.

Fish seller Manohar Mia said that a lot of fish is bought and sold in this fair. So we collected big fish from different places of the district a week ago and brought them here for sale. Buyers said, this fair is our tradition. This fair actually doubles our joy. Apart from the family, distant relatives come to visit the house. So we buy fish from here. Some people buy big fish and send it to their relatives. Apart from this, a cotton fish weighing 30 kg was raised in the fish fair of Pail village of Habiganj Sadar upazila. The price of this fish is 50 thousand taka. In the afternoon, Ali of Poil Dalihati village brought the fish to the fair. Eager people thronged around it. Ali said that fishermen of Ajmiriganj upazila caught 30 kg of rice with nets from Kushiara river on Saturday afternoon. Later he went there and bought the fish for sale in the fair.

He priced the fish at 50,000 taka. A buyer said 25 thousand rupees. A few other buyers are going around to buy the fish.

Farooq Ahmed of Baniachong upazila who came to the fair said, I have never seen such a big fish before. I have only heard about such a big fish, now I saw a 30 kg fish with my own eyes.

Ali Akbar, a resident of Habiganj city, said that some of them want to buy the fish together. Tk 25 thousand price. If you can buy it, share it later.

It is known that this fair is held every year in Payal village, the birthplace of Bipin Chandra Pal, one of the leaders of the anti-British movement. A festive atmosphere is created in the area around this fair.

This time also hundreds of fish sellers have brought different types of native fish to the fair. These include Rui, Katal, Boal, Mrigel, Shing, Magur, Kai, Pabda, Prawns, Chital and various species of native fish. Buyers from Habiganj and surrounding areas come here to buy fish.

In this regard, Advocate Mustafa Mia, general secretary of Pail Bazaar Committee, said that our traditional fair was not held for the last two years due to Corona. But this time, the fish fair has been organized in a crowded manner. The fair is held every year in Payal village, the birthplace of Bipin Chandra Pal, one of the eloquent leaders of the anti-British movement. Around this fair, a festive atmosphere is created in the area. I hope the fair will be held peacefully this year like every year.

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