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Repeal ‘anti-people’ decision to hike electricity prices: Fakhrul

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Update : Friday, January 13, 2023

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir strongly condemned and protested the increase in electricity prices. He said that the current government is not the elected government of the people and has taken this unreasonable decision to increase the price of electricity due to the extreme hardship of the people. This decision to increase the price of electricity is anti-people and ill-considered. Every month the price of electricity will be increased periodically in the name of price adjustment, which is a retail trick with the public. Cancel the government’s ‘anti-people’ decision to hike electricity prices immediately.

He said these things in a statement sent to the media on Friday.

Mirza Fakhrul again criticized the increase in electricity prices and said that due to the government’s failure, corruption and wrong policies, there is a severe crisis in the country’s economy and public life. The rise in prices of all commodities including rice, pulses, oil, sugar has caused a stir in public life. People’s cost of living continues to rise unbridled. People are losing their jobs and becoming unemployed, there is almost no employment. At that time, this decision of the government was ‘a blow to the neck’.

He said, after the price increase at the wholesale level two months ago, this time the increase in the price of electricity at the retail and consumer level will increase the cost of living and the price of every thing, including the increase in the cost of production in agricultural irrigation and mill factories.

In the statement, BNP Secretary General said that people have to pay the price of unlimited corruption and irregularities in the power sector. Quick rental, electricity is being left without generating power and the owners of the power plants are benefiting from the public money in the name of capacity charges. Due to corruption, wastage and mismanagement, the cost of power generation has increased and now people’s pockets are being cut.

Already, political parties and coalitions agitating with 10-point demands including BNP have announced the program of rallies and marches nationwide on January 16 (tomorrow) at metropolitan and upazila levels.

In the statement, the BNP General Secretary called on the public and the leaders, activists and supporters of BNP, organs and affiliated organizations to protest the ‘anti-people’ decision of the government by attending rallies and marches.

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