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The 56th World Ijtema is filled with the sound of Allahu Akbar

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Update : Thursday, January 12, 2023

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The 56th World Ijtema is starting on Friday on the banks of Turag river in Tongir, Gazipur. After Fajr, the first phase of Ijtema will begin with the Am Bayan of Maulana Ziaul Haque of Pakistan. Ignoring the cold, the Ijtema ground was full by Thursday afternoon. The hall is full of worshipers chanting Allahu Akbar. President Md Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages on the occasion of Ijtema.

On the occasion of Ijtema, 165 acres of land has been made a place for the worshipers by pulling up the awning. Law enforcement forces have taken five-level security measures for them. The main stage is placed next to the room of foreign worshipers on the north-west side of the Maidan. There on Thursday Baad Zohar Maulana Rabiul Haque preached Iman and Amal. Ijtema did not take place for two years due to corona epidemic and internal conflict. The organizers hope that all previous records will be broken in the gathering of worshippers.

Maulana Omar Farooq of Bangladesh held a three-day orderly stay at the Maidan after Asr on Thursday and gave instructional speech on various issues including worship and worship. His speech was immediately translated into several languages including English, Arabic, and Persian. In this way, every day the speech of the top teachers on the six principles of Tabligh including Iman, Amal, Akhlakh will be translated.

Engineer Mahfuzur Rahman, a member of the Ijtema organizing committee, said that the entire field has been divided into 92 sections for the pilgrims who came in the first phase. There is one zimmadar in each khitta. Aspirants will take all kinds of advice from Khittar Zimmadar.

Mufti Zahir Muslim, who is in charge of the media at Ijtema Maidan, said that until Thursday evening, about 40,000 Muslims from 70 countries of the world had come to the Maidan. Today Friday, the largest Friday prayer congregation will be held at Ijtema Maidan. Maulana Zobair will lead the Friday prayers.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam told the media that more than 12 thousand members of various organizations have been deployed for the security of Ijtema. The situation is being monitored all the time through CC cameras.

Gazipur Deputy Commissioner Anisur Rahman said that the supply of clean food is guaranteed in Ijtema Maidan and surrounding areas and there will be patrol teams and mobile courts to prevent various crimes including pickpocketing.

Jahangir Alam, supervisor of Shaheed Ahsan Ullah Master General Hospital, said that the health department has organized five camps for free medical services for Muslims. Seven specialist medical teams will be deployed.

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