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Retired teacher Anjana Ghosh is teaching her self-invented teaching technique

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Update : Thursday, January 12, 2023


Anjana Ghosh, a retired teacher from Srimangal, Moulvibazar, is teaching her self-invented teaching techniques in schools. Anjana Ghosh has discovered about a hundred techniques of different subjects including names of 7 continents, names of many fishes, all prime numbers, names of 64 districts of the country in 7 sentences, fractions and divisors, how to answer English questions, geometry and trigonometry through a rhyme. And after discovering this technique, he went to school and taught it to students.

Retired teacher Anjana Ghosh said that she invented this technique for those who are weak in education, those who have little memorization or those who cannot afford private reading. He said, so far he has made about 150 techniques. Some of them are rhymed, some are playful, some are funny sentences, and some are used as clues. He has also made audio videos of several techniques. However, to spread these techniques among all students, with the help of the government, a massive campaign is needed including including them in the textbooks.
In his book, he has highlighted about one and a half hundred topics suitable for children. Which children enjoy reading.

For example – he wrote fish rhymes to remember fish names – tengra puti shrimp chari chital, katal, rui ilish boal faisa kai, magur, singh.
Prime numbers and composite numbers: Out of 9 numbers including 9, 4 numbers are not prime. which he taught through rhymes. 39, 49, 69, and 99 have their numerator. They are composite. In rhyming language – not three, not four, not six, not nine, they are not prime, they are not prime, four numbers are not prime, they are composite, they are composite.

Name 8 categories in one sentence-
‘Dhakar Retailer Basir Mia’ (Dhaka) Dhaka, (Retail) Khulna, Chittagong, Rajshahi (Basir) Barisal, Sylhet, Rangpur (Mia) Mymensingh. Name of 7 continents in one sentence:
‘The python is coming – one by one a flock of birds flies in groups’ Australia, Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Antarctica and South America.
Name 7 major cities consecutively-
The king went to Sylhet after eating in Dhaka. Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi.
Continuity of prime numbers-
If you remember this formula for simple numbers then you won’t go wrong in simple numbers. The formula is – in the morning the bears in the forest exchange communication (all, parentheses, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction) If the question contains who, what, when, how, howmach, howmany and why then it is understood as a question. He discovered the names of 64 districts of Bangladesh in 7 sentences.

President of Srimangal Primary Teachers’ Association Zahar Tarafdar said that Anjana Ghosh has taught the students in various subjects including Bengali English, Mathematics, Geography, Social Science. It is beneficial for the students. Retired from teaching due to illness, he is now going to schools to spread these techniques among students. He also published a book with these techniques.
The name of the book is “Chande Sure Sutre Shekha”. The price of which is two hundred and fifty rupees. Apart from this, he conducts online classes on his Facebook page. Anjana Ghosh teaches her self-invented technique at Srimangal Chandranath Government Primary School

Meanwhile, students are also happy with this special formula of Anjana Ghosh. Arijit Sevak Argha, a class 5 student of Srimangal Chandranath Government Primary School, said that Anjana Mem’s special teaching technique has worked for her in the past annual exams.

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