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Prime Minister’s challenge to allegations of corruption in various sectors of the government

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Update : Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Throwing a challenge to Mokabbir Khan for raising allegations of massive corruption and irregularities in the financial sector in various mega projects of the government, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that where, when and how much money corruption took place should be stated precisely. I will answer it.

On Wednesday (January 11), during the question and answer session scheduled for the Prime Minister in the National Assembly, the Prime Minister challenged Mokabbir Khan on allegations of corruption in various sectors of the government.

Mokabbir Khan said in his question, there is no reason to blame only the Russia-Ukraine war for the crisis that is going on in our economy today. Here we have many internal matters. He said, widespread chaos in the financial sector, massive corruption in mega projects, smuggling of thousands of crores of rupees abroad, massive looting in the financial sector including banks, quick rental indemnity in the Jalani sector, these are many things. Result – dollar crisis, rise in commodity prices life of common man is miserable today. This MP of Gano Forum said that two days ago, the State Minister of Power said that the price of electricity will be increased again, with month-to-month adjustment. Common people are very scared about this. Mokabbir Khan also said in his question that the price of fuel oil was adjusted on August 5 last year and on August 29 it was reduced by Rs.5 per liter. He said that the amount of reduction is much less than the increase and that is why the Prime Minister avoided the price. He wants to know if the price of fuel and electricity will be increased this year. Besides, he mentioned that thousands of crores of rupees have been looted in the name of quick rental by taking advantage of indemnity.

In his reply, the Prime Minister said, it seems that the MP is trying to strengthen the opposition party. But the allegations he made are completely baseless. The Prime Minister said that he talked about the mega project, who are its beneficiaries, the common people of this country. No other government could do the mega project. Awami League has been able to make the government. Padma Setu was completely self-financed. Metrorail is also being enjoyed by common people. He said, the member of parliament is very rich, he may not need these things. At that time, the Prime Minister challenged Mokabbir Khan and said, Honorable Speaker, I am giving him a challenge through you: Where and when, how much money corruption has happened, should be stated in a precise manner. I will answer it. I want to be clear that the Walled Bank had filed corruption charges regarding the Padma Bridge. They could not prove it. The case in the Federal Court of Canada ruled that all the allegations were false.

Regarding Mokabbir Khan, the Prime Minister said, Speaker, I know that the Honorable Member of Parliament is a citizen of Bangladesh, but he has a second home. In that second home, where electricity prices have increased by 150 percent in England, commodity prices have increased by 13.3 percent. There, the price of all things, including consumer goods and food, has increased by 13.3 percent. That situation has not yet arisen in Bangladesh.

Regarding Ek Rental, the Prime Minister said, “We brought Quick Rental because there was a need for it, we were able to provide electricity to people.” When we came to power, we got 3,200 megawatts of electricity. When I came to power from ’96 to 2001, we increased from 1600 MW to 4300 MW. During the period of BNP government, people did not get electricity, there was only Khamba Pota, electricity generation was reduced. There was a cry for electricity, no factories could run, there was a shortage of electricity and gas. After that when we come to power we determine what needs to be improved quickly, quick rental is needed. We have increased the electricity from 3200 MW left by BNP to 25 thousand 800 MW. Now I am giving electricity to every house. If there was corruption in Quick Rental then the electricity should have been received in such days. The World Bank stopped giving money because of corruption in this electricity during BNP’s tenure. Money stops due to corruption on Dhaka-Mymensingh road. Where the big Maharathi did not find the corruption, some of us are playing the corruption like a broken record, quick rental, quick rental. When the power supply was reduced a little for a few days, there was an outcry all around. That’s why Quick Rentals is needed. If we cut off the electricity connection of those who are making these complaints, then let’s see what happens!

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