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People are not with those who killed democracy: Prof. Mujibur

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Update : Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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Acting Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh and former Member of Parliament Professor Mujibur Rahman said, ‘Our movement is going on and will continue until the demands of the caretaker government are accepted. Jamaat will conduct a simultaneous movement against those who do not want to accept democracy. People are not with those who killed democracy. Rather, those who want to restore democracy, the people are now with them. So accept the demands of the people. Give back people’s rights. Then peace will prevail.

He said these things at a discussion meeting organized by Dhaka Metropolitan North on the occasion of ‘Democracy Killing Day’ on Wednesday (January 11).

Central Executive Council member and Amir of Dhaka Metropolitan North Muhammad Salim Uddin presided over and Central Executive Council member and Metropolitan Secretary Dr. Rezaul Karim moderated virtual discussion meeting participated in the Central Majlis Shura member and Metropolitan Assistant Secretary Nazim Uddin Molla and Dr. Fakhruddin Manik.

Prof. Mujibur Rahman said, ‘Professor Golam Azam, the former Amir of Jamaat, has discovered the caretaker government formula. Awami League has protested to demand that method. Again hijacking it and claiming that formula as their own. If that is the case then why are you not accepting it now?’

Professor Mujibur said, “Amir of Jamaat Dr. Shafiqur Rahman was unjustly detained after the 10-point announcement of December 10. We demand the release of political leaders and activists of all parties including Jamaat Amir. It is not possible to say who will go to jail when.

Mentioning that the people of the country are suffering due to the increase in the prices of daily necessities, he said, “The people of the government have embezzled crores of rupees and smuggled them abroad. The Awami League government has turned into an occupying government by taking over various institutions including universities, trusts, schools, college banks of the country.

Jamaat Amir said, “Peace will come if the country is governed by the law of God.” Because there is no mistake in God’s law. But man-made laws are flawed. We want to establish the rule of honest people and the law of God to keep the 18 crore people of the country happy.

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