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Residents are angry with the steps taken to divide Sindh province

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Update : Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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The Sindh Action Committee (SAC) staged a hunger strike against Pakistan’s decision to partition the southern province of Sindh. They have warned that this province cannot be divided in any way.

According to Daily Pakistan, members of the Action Committee observed a 24-hour symbolic fast against the decision to divide the province of Sindh through Articles 144 and 47 of the Sindh Assembly Resolution.

Incidentally, the Sindh Action Committee or SAC was formed with national level political leaders of the country against the government’s division of Sindh province.

SAC group leader Ayaz Latif Paliju, Roshan Borio, Masrur Shah, Dr. Leaders including Aziz Talpur said that no conspiracy against Sindh province, which has remained undivided for centuries, will be tolerated. We are ready to counter these conspiracies.

Ayaz Latif said that Asif Ali Zardari was only greedy for the natural resources of Sindh province. Little thought was given to the plight of the Sindhi people and their problems in agriculture, education, employment and natural resources.

He said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has been trying to loot the natural resources of Sindh for the last 15 years. They transferred the natural resources of Sindh province to the Central Government through Sections 144 and 147 of the Sindh Assembly Resolution.

Ayaz Latif also said that the Pakistan People’s Party has formed a new committee to divide Sindh province without taking the opinion of the people of Sindh province; Which is synonymous with looting the Sindhu.

He also demanded the speaker of the National Assembly to immediately block the committee to protect the integrity of Sindh province. The leader also called upon the people of the province to be vigilant to stop the conspiracy to divide the Sindh province.

Incidentally, the southern tip province plays an important role in providing revenue to the country’s public funds, but the Sindhi people have been deprived of development for a long time. The situation has become more dire in the last two decades. Sindh is lagging behind in every human development index survey.

Pakistan’s central and regional administrations are completely indifferent to the various problems of Sindh province, from severe water scarcity, unemployment, rising prices of daily necessities, law and order situation.

Water is the biggest problem in Sindh province. Due to Pakistan government’s injustice towards the people of Sindh province, they are not getting even water for food. Agriculture in the agrarian province of Sindh is on the upswing due to lack of water.

At the 43rd session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva on March 11, 2020, World Sindhi Congress Secretary General Lakhu Luhana presented the reality.

He said, “Pakistan wants to take away the historical, political, economic and cultural rights of the Sindhis and keep them by force.” In the last three years, at least 300 political activists and intellectuals have been picked up and disappeared.

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