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During the A.League government’s tenure, ethnic groups demanded fulfillment of 14 points, expressing anger

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Update : Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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The contribution of small ethnic groups in the movement for the realization of all the rights of the past of this country and soil is known in history. However, with the passage of time, that small ethnic group is now under various threats. Their language, literature, culture are on the way to danger. Conspiracy is the identity of the nation itself. It is the need of the hour to take special initiatives by the state in such a crisis of the small ethnic groups whose lives are at stake in all the problems of the country. As part of this, the 14-point demand for the welfare of Manipuri and other ethnic groups has been demanded to be implemented during the tenure of this government. The speakers said this at the tri-annual conference of Manipuri Samajkalyan Samiti Sylhet district branch, the oldest and guardian organization of Manipuri people in Bangladesh.
The central president of the organization, one of the top leaders of the ethnic group, heroic freedom fighter Anand Mohan Singh was the chief guest at the conference which ended at 11:30 pm yesterday. Central General Secretary Kamala Babu Singh was the main speaker. Philanthropist, Senior Judicial Magistrate Shyamkant Sinha was the guest of honor. Nirmal Kumar Singh, district president of the association presided.

The conference was held at the Electronic Media Journalist Association Silator Conference Hall under the direction of General Secretary Sangram Singh. After the conference, Nirmal Kumar Singh was again elected as President and Sangram Singh as General Secretary.

General Secretary of Sylhet Press Club Abdur Rashid Renu, General Secretary of Sylhet District Press Club Shah Didar Alam Chowdhury Noble and General Secretary of Sylhet Online Press Club Maqsud Ahmad were present on the stage during the inauguration of the conference with Mangal Pradip lighting and national anthem.

At the beginning of the inauguration, Pandit Prasanna Kumar Singh recited the Holy Gita, Banker Jiten Babu Singh read the condolence proposal. Sylhet district press club re-elected general secretary Shah Didar Alam Chowdhury Noble and executive member Ranjit Singh were felicitated.
Central Vice President Swapan Kumar Singh, Ranju Singh, MOSKS Central Women’s Editor Sunila Sinha, Kamalganj Upazila Awami League Vice President and former Upazila Vice Chairman Siddek Ali, Manipuri Lalitkala Academy Research Officer Prabhas Singh, Manipuri Janmashtami Celebration Council were special guests in the conference. Sylhet Divisional Committee President Manisena Singh, World Poet Rabindranath Tagore’s Sylhet Debut Commemoration Celebration Parishad Member Secretary Sunil Singh.
Vice president of Sylhet district branch Dr. Swari Kumar Singh, sportsperson, philanthropist Deepal Kumar Singh, president of Masaks Maghergaon branch Sanjit Singh, president of Machimpur branch Ramendra Singh Bappa, women’s association of Sylhet district branch Shanti Rani Sinha, Chunarughat Bishgaon branch Milan Singh spoke. Jyoti, engineer Lipu Singh, Pandit Anil Rajkumar, expatriate philanthropist Vilas Singh, Manipuri Chhatra Parishad leader Shiuli Sinha and others. .

The speakers in the conference demanded the implementation of the 14-point demand including the constitutional recognition of ethnic groups and the formation of separate ministries for them during the tenure of this government.

The demands are to list the names of the martyrs and freedom fighters of ethnic groups including genuine Manipuris in a verified manner and to establish the rights of their deprived families. In Manipuri Lalitkala Academy premises of Manipuri-dominated Moulbibazar, a spectacular mural of Bangabandhu, the architect of independent Bangladesh, and the historical anti-British movement, the great language movement, and the names of the heroic Manipuri freedom fighters who were martyred and participated in the great liberation war, have been constructed. Establishment of ‘Indigenous Cultural Institute’ or ‘Bangabandhu Indigenous Tower’ integrated in the capital Dhaka apart from the districts inhabited by all small ethnic groups including Manipuri. Which can play the role of a central coordination center in the development of diverse culture besides carrying the identity of the ethnic population in the capital of the country. Complete implementation of the ‘Rabindra Smriti Bhaskarya’ under construction in Machimpur, Sylhet city, where the memory of the poet Rabindranath Tagore is enshrined, and the establishment of a cultural academy named after the poet. Provision of education in their own mother tongue to the minority ethnic groups including Manipuri and the right to publish media including newspapers in their own mother tongue. To provide the opportunity to broadcast short news and programs in their own mother tongue to all the minority ethnic groups as per the routine through the state broadcasting of the country. Formation of independent ‘Development Council’ to ensure overall welfare and development of all small ethnic groups including Manipuri. Reservation of quota in all public medical colleges and universities of Manipuri and Manipuri dominated Sylhet region. To facilitate the production, display, marketing and export of potential exportable products of ethnic groups including Manipuri, which are respected and potential at home and abroad, reservation of space in basic industrial cities, special economic zones or EPZs and allotment of space for duty free exhibition and marketing centers in departmental cities. Maursi Bhitebari of ancestors of minority people, removal of aggressive misappropriation of resources and confirmation of ownership and possession of descendants, implementation of ‘Regional Land Law’ in areas inhabited by ethnic communities and state recognition of customary land rights laws.
Maursi Bhitebari of ancestors of minority people, removal of misappropriation of resources and confirmation of ownership and occupation of descendants, implementation of ‘Regional Land Law’ in areas inhabited by ethnic communities and state recognition of customary land rights laws.
Major religious festivals of all ethnic groups including Manipuri declare special regional holidays in their respective areas. To provide opportunity to ethnic groups to participate in the service of the country and nation by reserving male and female parliamentary membership from minority ethnic groups including Manipuri in the reserved seats of the great national parliament. Formation of separate ministry for minority ethnic groups and constitutional recognition of all minority ethnic groups including Manipuri.
On 15 December 2017, Manipuri Samaj Kalyan Samity Sylhet District General Secretary Sangram Singh raised this 14-point demand on behalf of Manipuri and ethnic groups. After raising this demand in the organization’s conference, it was later submitted in the form of a memorandum to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and former Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu, Railway Minister Suranjit Sengupta and Private Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon. . But the speakers expressed anger that no initiative was taken on most of the important demands even after the end of the government’s tenure.

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