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Attempt to recruit non-cadre in stead of education cadre in DME

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Update : Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Special Correspondent: On June 30, 2015, the Directorate of Madrasha Education (DME) was established by the decision of the Prime Minister, separating it from the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education due to the increase in the number of madrasah education. The activities of this directorate started with the appointment of a joint secretary of the administration cadre as the Director General. At the same time, BCS general education cadre officers are posted on various posts of 1st class from the inception. Education cadre officers worked for seven long years to transform it into a service-friendly Directorate.

Meanwhile, the Technical and Madrasah Education Division of Education Ministry finalized the recruitment rules for the Directorate of Madrasha Education (DME) excluding the BCS general education cadre. BCS General Education cadre officers are working on deputation in the said posts and appointed non-cadre officers permanently by showing the said posts as void.

In case of non-cadre permanent appointment in the 1st class post in the Directorate, they will not be eligible for transfer. As a result these officials will become promiscuous. They will be likely to get involved in corruption and the people will be deprived of desired services. Experienced officials think that it is necessary to keep these posts transferable in public interest.

Director General of Directorate of Madrasha Education (DME) Md Habibur Rahman said, “There is a writ going on in the Supreme Court. There will be no problem after the judgment of the writ. I do not consider the matter a crisis.”

Regarding the fact that the new people who have joined have not yet received their salaries, he said, “Those who have been there for so long were on deputation. Now those who are coming have come to the post of VO. It has been a month for them. Hopefully this will also be resolved.”

It’s found that BCS General Education cadre officers have already won appreciation in various activities of about eight thousand madrasah under MPO. The teachers and committee of the madrasah are happy with the fast and quality service. As they have more experience in education related matters, it is easier to provide these education related services.

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