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This time too, the government is making a terrible conspiracy about the election: Zafrullah

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Update : Saturday, January 7, 2023


Gonoshasthaya Kendra Trustee Zafrullah Chowdhury commented that the government is making a terrible conspiracy regarding the election. At the same time, he called to name the road in front of the Indian High Commission located in Dhaka North City Corporation after Felani in protest of Felani’s murder.

He said these things at a discussion meeting demanding an end to border aggression on the Felani killing day at the National Press Club in the capital on Saturday (January 7). The meeting was organized by the National Anti-Aggression Committee.

Zafrullah Chowdhury said, “In 2018, the day voting took place at night. This time there will be no voting at night. This time the government has made another preparation. Voting will not be held at night, the government police and other administration will divide 60-70 votes in the morning. Voting will start after 9 pm. Is this what we accept? If we don’t agree, we will have to create millions of volunteers. They should be trained and put on guard.

Zafrullah said, “We are saying that there will be no vote under the party government. Have we gathered any evidence that the government is conspiring with the election?’ He further said, ‘This time, preparations have been made to make a person who is soft-spoken and has worked with the government for a long time as the president. Politicians have a conscience.

But a bureaucrat has no conscience. Former Cabinet Secretary has been appointed in place of HT Imam. This is how they are moving forward.”

Zafrullah said, “We should recognize India in the killing of Felani. They are the cause of all our suffering. You have to find a way out of this. The Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation should name the road in front of the Indian High Commission after Felani.

Let them understand again and again that they have done wrong.” Ten million Rohingya with their children have reached 1.5 million. Such sufferings are created by India.

Chairman of Jatiya Party (Zafar) Mostafa Jalal Haider, former editor of Daily New Nation newspaper Mustafa Kamal Majumder, joint convener of Gana Odhikar Parishad Rashed Khan and others were present under the chairmanship of the convenor of the organization Mostafizur Rahman.

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