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The image of Baikkabil has changed in the renovation, the collar of the bird has increased

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Update : Thursday, January 5, 2023

M.Muslim Chowdhury, Srimangal/Moulvibazar/Representative/

Baikkabil of Hail Haor in Srimangal of Moulbibazar was closed to tourists for 9 days and the image of Baikkabil has changed after renovation. Many species of birds have grown.

By renovating the double area, the old buildings and furniture on the bank of the bill have been painted and decorated in a new way. Old pictures have been removed and new pictures have been added to the gallery including bridge, watch tower, bathroom, aquarium renovation. At the same time, the broken road leading to Baikkabil has not been repaired. Many species of birds including migratory birds come to Baikka Bill in the beginning of winter. Flocks of birds from different countries are still coming to Baikka Bill. Every day from morning till evening the bill is mouthed by the collar of the guest bird. Last Monday, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Rehana visited Baikka Bill with her family members.

The location of this bill is east of Hail Haor in Srimangal. In 2003, about 250 acres of wetlands were declared Baikka Bill Sanctuary by the Ministry of Lands. Fishing and harvesting of aquatic plants were prohibited here. From then on, the benefits began to flow. Endangered and endangered fishes return to Hail Haoor after finding a natural environment. Various types of aquatic plants including Shapla, Padma, Makhana, Singrai are coming back. The number of fish, aquatic animals and plants increases. As the security of habitat returned, the birds that had diverted from Hail Hawur began to return. Gradually Baikka Bill became a bird sanctuary.

Among the various species of birds in the Baikka bill, the notable ones are – Pankauri, Rangabak, Kanibak, Gobak, Dhalbak. Mokha, Khalisha, Tit Chada and other native species of fish have been bred. The bill is a safe habitat not only for birds and fish but also for many aquatic animals and plants. It is a stunning swamp; Where thousands of lotuses and lotus flowers bloom. The chirping of birds of various species and colors, the flight of flocks of birds across the horizon of the blue sky and the hide and seek game of fish in the clear water of the bill goes on throughout the day. Colorful grasshoppers can be seen in the morning and evening. Various species of Pankauri ducks in the water, thousands of water lilies and lotus flowers show the beauty of the bill. All in all, this bill turns into a sanctuary for migratory birds during winter. Birds start coming from November. Will be until March. Baikka bill is the address of migratory birds for about half of the year. Baragangina Resource Management Committee is associated with Baikka Bill Dehkval.
Minnat Ali, former general secretary of the committee, said, “Compared to other years, birds have come less this year. But the number of birds will increase in the future. The image of the entire area has changed due to the construction and road renovation of Baikka Bil Par. The renovation work is going on here day and night for the past few days. Along with the renovation of the Pathanpara-Hazipur-Baikkabil road, all the structures including the watch tower, the billeting boats, the intervention center have been painted. The image of the entire area has changed due to the construction of Baikka Beel Par and road renovation. This time the number of tourists is expected to increase by increasing the beauty of the bill. Earlier, for beautification and renovation work, the upazila administration announced the ban on entry of tourists to Baikka Bill from December 26 to January 3. Many tourists have turned back due to ban on entry to Baikka Bill for 9 consecutive days.

Upazila Executive Officer Ali Rajeev Mahmud Mithun said that Baikka Bill will be opened for visitors after the renovation work. Hopefully, we can open the bill for everyone within two days. District Fisheries Officer. Mizanur Rahman said, several steps have been taken by the fisheries department to ensure free movement of birds. So that no people from outside can go inside with a boat. We have decided to relocate the residents of Jelapalli as soon as possible for the sake of the fish sanctuary and the birds in Baikka Bill. The number of tourists is expected to increase by increasing the beauty of the bill. It is hoped that the number of tourists will increase by increasing the beauty of the bill, Srimangal Police Station OC Jahangir Hossain Sardar said, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Rehana and her family members traveled to Baikka Bill Hail Haor on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Last year, 3,230 water birds of 34 species were found in the bill. The number of guest birds decreased that year. Among the 3,230 waterfowl of 34 species were 900 Gewala-batan, 452 Purple Kalem and 250 Khoira Kastechera. Among the migratory wild ducks, Red-headed Goose was the most sighted at 7332, followed by Maroon Goose at 7205.

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