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If money laundering is stopped, the country will improve: Obaidul Quader

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Update : Thursday, January 5, 2023


Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that some people do not understand anything except money. They need more money. I hate those who smuggle money abroad. If corruption, theft, money laundering can be stopped, the country will improve further.

He said these things while addressing the chief guest at the 30th conference of the Road and Public Road Engineers Association at the Tezgaon Road Building in the capital on Thursday.
Regarding the unnecessary foreign travel of government officials, he said that they must go abroad for some reason. Why this foreign trip? The country is turning around from the crisis under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There are many good people in the country. Those who cheat are cheating the country, cheating themselves. He who does misdeeds, does not do standard work, his life is a failure. Children also have to share both good and bad things. How much money does a person need to live well? Time to ask conscience. Those who do good deeds will be praised, bad deeds will be punished.

Obaidul Quader claimed that the upcoming elections will be fair, free and impartial, saying that the government will not interfere. If anyone wants to change the government, come to the elections. If the opposition is strong, democracy will be strong. The language of democracy is silenced by arson, fire terror. Welcome to the opposition party for a peaceful movement. Giving examples of Rangpur City Corporation and Gaibandha-5 constituencies, he said, they lost miserably in Rangpur and won in Gaibandha. No one could say anything about Gaibandha’s vote.

Referring to BNP, Obaidul Quader said that many people said that the country is heading towards conflict. In the end nothing happened. On December 10, 30 eggs were laid in the horse. Sheikh Hasina is not afraid of them. Regarding the increase in road accidents in 2022, he said that the rules of the Road Transport Act have been gazetted. Its implementation has started.

Awami League’s Science and Technology Affairs Secretary Engineer Md. Abdus Sabur, chief engineer of roads and highways. Ishaq, general secretary of the association Amit Kumar Chakraborty.

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