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A case of money embezzlement against 6 people on the lure of giving jobs in Dubai

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Update : Thursday, January 5, 2023

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

An allegation of embezzling money from a young man named Khanjahan Ali Swapan (25) in Anantapur of Habiganj city has been filed against 3 fraudsters of Chunarughat along with brokers. In this incident, the young man’s uncle, Mir Abdul Qadir, has filed a case in the Senior Judicial Magistrate’s Court accusing 6 people as the plaintiff.

The court has instructed the OC of Habiganj Sadar Model Police Station to report the case after investigation.

The accused in the case are Khalilur Rahman (35) son of Shahid Mia of Parkul village in Ranigaon Union of Chunarughat Upazila, his brother Dulal Mia (40), Shahidmia (65) son of deceased Abdul Noor, Aktar Mia (40) son of deceased Abdul Jabbar, Pail Paschim of Sadar Upazila. Taslima Khatun (28), wife of Ilyach Mia of Para village.

According to the details of the case, two brothers, Khalilur Rahman and Dulal Mia, were in Dubai and their father Shahid Mia collected people in the country and sent them abroad. Shahid Mia was introduced through a relative of the plaintiff. Meanwhile, if the plaintiff’s nephew Khanjahan Ali Swapan wants to go abroad, the defendants on the basis of kinship offer to the plaintiff that they can send his nephew to Dubai for fruit packing work, there his monthly salary will be 35 thousand taka and the visa period will be two years. For this, the cost will be 3.5 lakh rupees. On April 5 and 11, he sent to Dubai on April 13 with Tk 3.5 lakh in two installments and Khalil and Dulal received him. They were not given any job or work to keep them here for 15 days. At one point, when his nephew pressed them, the accused threw him out of the house. Desperate in exile, his nephew began to spend the night on the side of the road, under trees. He is still in Dubai thanks to other expatriates and acquaintances in Dubai. But arrangements are not being made to send him home. On the contrary, last September 14, Dulal Mia took another 2 lakh rupees to arrange a job abroad for the victim Khanjahan Ali Swapan. But till now no job has been arranged. When the defendants were told to return the money to the plaintiff and send the nephew back to the country, they behaved badly and denied the transaction.

Earlier UP Chairman Syed Moinul Haque Arif and other dignitaries held an arbitration meeting but they ignored it. In this case, the plaintiff has resorted to law for redress.

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