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Winter is sitting in Srimangal, low income people are in trouble

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Update : Wednesday, January 4, 2023

M.Muslim Chowdhury, Srimangal/Moulvibazar/Representative/

Srimangal in Moulvibazar has recorded the lowest temperature in the country for the last two days. On Wednesday morning, the temperature here was 9 degrees Celsius. Which is the lowest temperature in the country. The lowest temperature in the country was recorded at 8.5 degree Celsius at 9 am on Tuesday also. However, the district feels less cold due to the sunshine during the day.

Meanwhile, a mild cold stream is blowing across the district. In the villages and cities, the cold people are seen burning straw in the morning and night to ward off the cold. The intensity of winter increases every day in the afternoon. It continues till noon the next day. The downtrodden and day laborers have suffered the most due to winter. Low income people including the people of Kabu tea plantations and Haor banks overcome severe winter. Tea workers of the district and Boro farmers of Haor are working in the field ignoring the severe cold from last few days. Boro farming labor shortage continues in full season due to severe cold.
Apart from people, the cattle have also been overcome by severe cold throughout the district. Low-income people are in trouble due to increasing cold. The Boro farmers of the Haor banks are in dire straits. Even in severe winter, they are busy in planting and caring for rice seedlings. Cold-related diseases are appearing throughout the district. The number of patients with fever, cold, cough, shortness of breath and diarrhea is only increasing. Children and the elderly are the most affected by cold-related diseases. In every bazaar, hot clothes shops are crowded with buyers.

Sadar Hospital Acting Superintendent Binendra Bhowmik said, including Moulvibazar General Hospital with 250 beds, children and elderly are being regularly admitted to various hospitals of the district due to winter diseases.

The officer in charge of Srimangalastha Meteorological Office of Moulvibazar. Anichur Rahman said that the minimum temperature was recorded at 9 degrees Celsius on Wednesday morning. Tuesday was 8.5 degrees Celsius and Monday was 9.5 degrees Celsius. A mild cold current is now blowing over the district. He said that the temperature may remain like this for the next few days.

Note that on February 4, 1968, the lowest temperature recorded in this region was 2.8 degrees.

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