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BNP’s 27-point outline has shut the mouth of the Awami League: Amir Khusru

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Update : Monday, January 2, 2023


Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, a member of BNP’s standing committee, said that Awami League’s mouth was closed after BNP announced the 27-point outline of state structure repair. Because each clause is formulated from different thoughts. These are political philosophies. Which very few politicians can do. At that place, Tariq Rahman has taken his leadership qualification to a unique height in the world court by declaring this form.

Nasrul Hamid said these things in an event at the Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) auditorium on Monday (January 2) afternoon.

The public university teachers’ organization University Teachers Association of Bangladesh (UTAB) organized this meeting titled “State Structure Repair Outline” announced by BNP Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman. The program was supervised by the media cell of BNP.

BNP Standing Committee member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said in the chief guest’s speech that the people of Bangladesh are in doubt as to where to go now. The country is also in doubt about which way to go. Foreigners are also concerned. Because Bangladesh has become fascist now. How will the country get out of this deep system? In that context, however, today the outline of state structure repair has been given. The main initiator of which is the Acting Chairman of BNP, Deshanayak Tarek Rahman.

He said, today ninety percent of politicians have lost the power to think out of the box. They only mean business. But the world does not think that it is moving forward. But Tariq Rahman gave this outline by realizing that space. Like his father Ziaur Rahman was taking the country forward through brave deeds. Later, his mother Deshneti Begum Khaleda Zia ensured all the rights of the people of Bangladesh. Sometimes dictatorial governments take the country backwards.

Khosru said, today the fascist Awami League government has plunged the country into a deep crisis. Which goes much deeper. To get rid of this, the 27-point outline must be implemented. Common people say that BNP has taken the right decision at the right time. Has been very acceptable to foreigners.

He said, Bangladesh will not be able to be managed if the 27-point outline of BNP is not implemented today. There is no alternative to 27 points to bring the country out of the deep hole. For this, there needs to be BNP commitment. Awami League has closed its mouth after BNP gave 27 points. Because each clause is formulated from different thoughts. These are political philosophies.

Amir Khosru said, today the politics of corruption has started in Bangladesh. 65 percent of the country’s businessmen are sitting in parliament. They can’t play any role. Today money is being smuggled out of the country. They are doing it. Today the country’s economy has become Awami economy. So change is needed. The Upper House needs change. Those who are proficient in the respective subject will go there. Only then will the stability of the country come.

He also said that in order to save the fragile state, some agreements or promises should be made with the people. That is what national hero Tariq Rahman did. Which politicians can’t do much. Tariq Rahman’s leadership qualities have been ranked high by announcing the outline of state structure repair. Which foreigners are also appreciating.

Explaining Rainbow Nation, Amir Khosru said, Rainbow Nation is changing language and culture to the new generation today. People of many religions and castes live here. Rainbow Nation to prioritize or respect all religions, languages and cultures. From that place, Bangladeshi nationalism is being talked about as a new Rainbow Nation. Which will be acceptable to the new generation. This concept originally came from South Africa. Rainbow Nation refers to the whole world.

Dr. AZM Zahid Hossain said, in the current situation, the outline given by BNP to repair the state structure is timely. Actually there is no alternative to repair the condition of the country. With the aim of protecting the country and the people, acting chairman of BNP Tariq Rahman outlined the state structure repair from the practical thinking.

The chairman of the alternative, Professor Dr. Nurul Amin Bepari said that democracy is a bourgeois system. Today the rulers have destroyed the constitutional institutions of the country. They are looting and smuggling money abroad. Today there is no alternative to reform the state structure to protect the country and people.

Zahir Uddin Swapan said in his welcome speech that the framework announced by BNP Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman for repairing the state structure is very important and timely. If it is implemented, the purpose of establishing Bangladesh will be implemented. Our aim is to work for the welfare of the people. Not to enjoy power. Already, the outline of state structure repair has been accepted by all. Everyone is appreciating.

Quader Gani Chowdhury said that there is no alternative to repairing the state structure to restore democracy and the country that is on life support. The outline given by BNP is the platform for the liberation of the nation.

Professor Ghulam Hafiz Kennedy said that the 27 points announced by BNP are not only an outline of the state structure, but it is now a charter of liberation for the people of Bangladesh.

Professor Dr. Morshed Hasan Khan said that the current government has taken the country to the edge of the abyss. For the sake of protecting the country and the people of the country, the acting chairman of BNP, Deshanayak Tarek Rahman, has given the outline of the state structure repair, which is the guideline for our liberation.

In the president’s speech, Professor Dr. ABM Obaidul Islam said, if the country was running well, there would be no outline of state structure repair today. But what is the situation in the country? There is no voting right here. There is no democracy. Looting in the financial sector. In other words, the homeland of the plunder of the Awami League government is almost destroyed today. From here, acting chairman of BNP Tariq Rahman has announced the framework for repairing the state structure with the aim of protecting the country. Inshallah we will be successful.

UTAB President Prof. Dr. Under the chairmanship of ABM Obaidul Islam and Secretary General Professor Dr. Md. Convener of Bangladesh Combined Professional Council Dr. Morshed Hasan Khan also spoke at the meeting. AZM Zahid Hossain, Member Secretary Quader Gani Chowdhury, BNP Media Cell Convener Zahir Uddin Swapan, Alternative Dhara Bangladesh Chairman and Political Science Professor Dr. Nurul Amin Bepari, Professor of Pharmacy Department of Dhaka University. Md. Abdur Rashid, Dhaka University Sada Dal convener Professor Lutfar Rahman, Professor Abul Kalam Sarkar, Kushtia Islamic University Professor AKM Matinur Rahman, Ummukt University Professor Anisur Rahman, Professor Dr. Abul Hasnat Mohammad Shamim, Professor Khan Md. Monowarul Islam Shimul, agriculturalist Professor Golam Hafiz Kennedy, Khulna University Dr. SM Shariful Karim, Jagannath University Professor Rais Uddin, Jahangirnagar University Professor Dr. Shamsul Alam Salim, Professor Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan, Prof. Nurul Islam and others. At this time, Saiful Islam Feroz, Senior Joint General Secretary of Nationalist Volunteer Party, Dr. Shariful Islam Dulu, Prof. Wahid bin Imtiaz Bakul, Md. Harun Or Rashid, Zahidul Alam Hito of Jasas, Mahbub Alam, engineer of Ziaur Rahman Foundation, agriculturist KM Sanwar Alam, Shafiqul Islam, engineer Mehdi Hasan and other university teachers and leaders of professional organizations were present. Speakers proposed to include some other important issues in the state structure repair framework.

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