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Pneumonia-diarrhea patients are increasing in Gaibandha during the outbreak of winter

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Update : Saturday, December 31, 2022

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Incidence of winter diseases has increased in Gaibandha. In the past one week, more than three hundred people, including children, have received treatment at the district headquarters hospital alone. In one month, 5 people including four children died due to pneumonia, diarrhea and breathing problems, said the hospital authorities.

It can be seen on the ground in various upazila health complexes including Gaibandha Sadar Hospital, female and male wards are filled to the brim with patients. The treatment is going on in the balcony without getting a place. Most of them are suffering from pneumonia, respiratory problems and diarrhea. Besides, people of different ages are coming to hospitals, clinics and local medical centers to get treatment from different areas of seven upazilas of the district every day. Relatives of those patients are worried about this.
It is known that the sun’s face cannot be seen for half of the day in other areas including the riverine Gaibandha. All around is covered in thick fog. At the same time, a gentle north wind is blowing. At the end of the day, as the night approached, the intensity of the fog began to increase. These mists are falling like rain. Because of this, the intensity of winter is increasing.

In Konkan, the people who are suffering from this cold are getting sick. Relatives are in trouble, especially with the elderly and children. The families in Chinnamool and Charanchal are the most disadvantaged. In these families, outbreaks of various winter-related diseases are slowly appearing. Some of these patients are taking the services of rural doctors. Others are admitted to various hospitals, health complexes and clinics. Also, domesticated animals are not left out by winter. Farmers are also worried about this.

Mujibur Rahman, a resident of Phulchari Char, said that he is a working man from a poor family. On the one hand Shram is unable to sell due to extreme cold, on the other hand his daughter Monira Khatun (8) is suffering from breathing problem. This child is being treated at Sadar Hospital.

Sundarganj farmer Najib Uddin Bepari said, “It is not possible to work the ground in the heat of winter.” Very rude. Our little baby got sick from this jar. Chawal finds it difficult to get Nikash. Oshud Khilatichom Baba near Ekna Daktar of Hamar Gaon.

Meanwhile, several persons who did not wish to be named complained that sick children and their parents were admitted to Sadar Hospital due to the cold. But there is a shortage of beds and good medical care is not available here.

Dr. Gaibandha Sadar Hospital’s emergency department medical officer. Rafiul Alam said that the number of patients with diarrhoea, respiratory problems and pneumonia is increasing recently due to winter. About 60-70 patients are still admitted. They are being treated with care. Besides, hundreds of patients have recovered and returned home.

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