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On the arrival of the Prime Minister’s sister, the repair is underway at Shaistaganj Junction!

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Update : Friday, December 30, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

Shaistaganj is the traditional railway junction of Sylhet division. Built during the Beatrice period. Even in a hundred years, no development or repair work has started at this junction. The operation of this station is going on with applause. Former Railway Minister Suranjit Sen Gupta in 2012 named Shaistaganj Junction as Model Junction and built a new building. But on the occasion of the arrival of the Prime Minister’s sister Sheikh Rehana, the railway authorities have been doing repair and development work day and night since 15 days in advance.
The locals think that the name of the pusher is Babaji. However, there are complaints that the railway authorities have not done even 50% of the tendered amount. Extreme corruption has been resorted to in the work. Locals also said that only some defective parts of the railway line including color, flower garden are being repaired. Nothing else is being done. But the ministry has enough budget for these repairs. But even 50% of it is not being done.

These scenes can be seen on the surface. Some officials who did not want to be named said that the arrival of the Prime Minister’s sister is being worked on. Or it would have stayed the way it was. However, the work is being done as directed by the authorities. When asked about negligence in work, they admitted and said that something will happen. No one can do it 100%. However, PDB Mithun Das did not come to Shaistaganj after joining. But now it is said that he is taking regular care for 15 days.

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