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”The people of the country want the fall of the autocratic Sheikh Hasina government”

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Update : Tuesday, December 27, 2022


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Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Dr. Colonel (retd.) Oli Ahmad Bir Bikram said that 90 percent of the people of the country want the fall of the autocratic Sheikh Hasina government. Because this government has completely destroyed the country’s economy, health system, judiciary and electoral system. Every institution in the country is controlled by Chhatra League and Jubo League. People are calm in corruption. The future of youth and student society is dark.

LDP Joint Secretary General Salah Uddin Razzak said these things in a statement signed on Tuesday (December 27).

Colonel Oli said, the benefits of freedom we got corruption, injustice, oppression, false cases and oppression. It is necessary to get rid of this condition. If one thinks that the politicians will single-handedly bring the people out of this situation. It is very sad and confusing.

Colonel Oli called upon the common people of the country and said, let us all express ‘no confidence against this government of the night’. No one will bring victory. Soi united to wrest victory.

He also said that the LDP will take out a procession from the front of the LDP office on the east side of Tejgaon on December 30 at 3 pm. The procession will end at Malibagh Junction. A no-confidence motion against this dictatorial government should be held in an orderly, law-abiding manner.

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